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M I TCHE LL’S P LA I N MR. ’S MULTIFITMENT CENTRE Accessories •Spares • Batteries • Workshop Tel: 021 392 3 786 or 021 392 4 786 or 021 392 1 786 NEW CV JOINTS R165 7 days only! “ Te l lin g it a s it i s” E-mail: Tuesday 3 July 2012 from R120 fitment per side We accep t al l maj or Fl eet and Garage cards. MasterCard®® Tel: 021 713 9440 Fax: 021 713 9481 Driving force USER­FRIENDLY: The new computerised learn­ ers’ licence tests replace the former written tests at the Eastridge Driver’s Licence Testing Centre. Cirenchia Coetzee (23) is one of the first people to pass her learners’ li­ cence using the new sys­ tem. She says the ques­ tions are slightly more challenging than the written tests. See page 9 for more. Photo: Laila Majiet Destitute warned to pay arrears LAILA MAJIET A TERMINALLY ill cancer patient has 30 days to settle his rental arrears. The City of Cape Town’s red letter of demand was issued on 10 May, shortly after Peter Joseph (56) was diagnosed with cancer. His wife, Lea, says she received the letter addressed to her husband. The couple, who stay in Stag Crescent, Eastridge, is unemployed. They are unable to pay their arrears. Peter had been wrongfully diagnosed with TB at a state hospital earlier this year after complaining of an persistent cough. After two months, doctors diagnosed him with lung cancer. He is currently being cared for at his home after being discharged from hospital last week. Lea (52) says: “He is on morphine and cannot walk. I felt I could not show him this letter. He needs to get better without worrying about rent arrears. “(He is) a man who has worked for his fami- R64 950 2000 BMW 320i (E46) Full House, Leather Interior, Alarm, CD Shuttle, Alloy Wheels, Service History R79 950 R59 950 2008 Chana Star 1.3 Club Cab CD Player, Alarm, Canopy, Towbar, Rims 100 500Km’s R39 950 ly all his life. To see him like that is so sad. He was the only breadwinner. “He can only sit up for five minutes and I have to care for him so I do not have the time to fight with the City to make an arrangement for payments or the scrapping of our arrears. “We have stayed here for the last 30 years and have been paying rent all this time. It is time the City transfers the house to us. There is no income and I do not know what lies ahead for my husband.” Lea says even when he suffered from gout he still went to work to ensure that he could provide for his family. But he is now no longer able to do so. Ian Neilson, of the City’s finance department, says: “According to our records, Peter Joseph has never applied for Indigent Grant relief or entered into an agreement. He entered the Debt Management Process, on 12 April, and is currently on Level 3 (the first formal visit). His arrears stand at R 27 240,33 as of June 2003. The debt was accumulated since 1 March 1989.” April Engelbrecht, chairperson of the Eastridge and Beacon Valley Residents’ Association, says: “The City operates like a business instead of working for the people.” The Joseph couple are not alone. Fouzia Bantom (40) and her sister Faiekah Philander (42) have been staying in Gazelle Street, Eastridge, for the last 29 years. The pair say they are struggling to make ends meet. They have been served a summons for R2 000 in rental arrears. Bantom says she has received a letter from the ITC Credit Bureau on behalf of the City of Cape Town for R25 560 for her water bill. Bantom questioned how this could be possible if her water has been on a trickle system for the last four years. “I was expected to pay R560 for rent. I have gone to the council offices seven times to submit an affidavit confirming my unemployment. Jobs are scarce. We survive on child support which we receive from the government,” she says. “We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place as we either pay our rent and let our children starve. Or we feed our children and Cnr John X Merriman and Wellington Roads, Bellville Finance available on all vehicles R69 950 Cassiem – 082 837 8202 Willie – 084 445 1553 R89 950 2007 Citroen C1 Play 1.0 Aircon, P/steering, C/locking, E/windows, Alarm, CD, Service Books try and make arrangements to pay the rent when we can.” Neilson says: “Bantom was in arrears of R27 850,50. On 16 May 2011 this was written off after applying for Indigent Grant relief. Her Indigent Grant and Arrangement was cancelled due to non-payment and she entered the Debt Management System on 10 November last year, moving to Level 5 (Summons) on 15 March 2012.” When People’s Post went to the Bantom residence, the house was in a state of dishevelment. The doors are falling off the hinges, the paint is peeling off mouldy walls and the ceiling is caving in. The City says the Housing Debt Management Department offers assistance to residents who qualify as indigent. The City says four of the seven steps of Housing Debt Management provide opportunities to engage with the City by the time they receive a summons. The seven steps are important notice, a letter of final demand, a house visit, a lawyer’s letter, a summons and a default judgment followed by eviction. 2010 Hyundai i10 1.1 GLS 021 824 4426 R39 950 R89 950 Aircon, P/s, C/locking, E/windows, Alarm, CD Player, FSH, 52 000km’s R109 950 Johan 084 821 2410 Johnny 083 270 5977 R89 950 2001 Mitsubishi Colt 2800 Tdi Clubcab Aircon, P/steering, C/locking, F/loader CD,Towbar, Difflock R44 950 1997 Opel Astra 160iE Aircon, P/steering, C/locking, E/windows, CD Player, Very Neat R49 950 R69 950 2003 Ford Fiesta 1.3 2008 Opel Corsa 1.4 Utility P/Steering, F/Loader CD, FSH, 61700km’s 1997 Opel Corsa 130iE Aircon, F/loader CD, Full Service History 2005 Opel Mervia 1.7 CDT Aircon, P/Steering, C/Locking, E/Windows, FSH, CD Player, Alarm, Front Loader CD, Very Clean 129 500km’s Special of the week 2002 Toyota Rav4 1.8Dr Full House, Leather Interior, F/Loader CD, Alarm Full Service History 2004 VW Citi Golf 1.4 F/Loader CD, Immoboliser, Alarm, Mags, FSH 104000km’s 2005 VW Polo Classic 1.4 Aircon, P/steering, C/locking, CD Player, 187 000 Km We buy and sell all makes and models of vehicles. 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Peoples Post Mitchells Plain 3 July 2012

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