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8 A&E The Oracle | TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 2013 CAMPUS EVENT Casino Night Annual social event held in Klas Ballroom includes gambling, prizes and snacks. Jody Peters Reporter Everyone likes free stuff, especially college students. Sometimes, though, freebies aren’t enough of an incentive to go to an event. Casino Night, a yearly Hamline University Programming Board (HUPB) event, was last Saturday, March 16. From 8 to 10 p.m. in the Kay Fredericks Room at Klas, students gambled with $3000 provided by Las Vegas Tonight, which they could cash in for raffle tickets or poker chips. The event had free food, free gambling and a chance to win free prizes. However, only about twenty to thirty people showed up. Students who attended the function last year felt that this year’s turnout was lower, but overall the night was still considered a success. With Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Red Dog and Beatthe-House, there was something for everyone. The music was also fairly inclusive, featuring well-known hits by artists like Journey and Bon Jovi. As for the food, there was a wide selection of desserts, as well as the typical cheese and crackers. There was also a selection of prizes including a DVD set that included “The Hunger Games,â€? “Bridesmaidsâ€? and other recent movies, a digital picture frame and an HP printer, to name a few. There were ten lucky winners, and considering the low number of people who showed up, the odds of winning a prize were very good. Overall, those who attended the event felt that they had fun. Quite a few people said they had previously gone to the function. In spite of the misfortune of some gamblers, they were glad to practice their skills without risking any real cash. All in all, HUPB’s event was a hit. The atmosphere mimicked that of a real casino, the dealers were professional, and it provided a nice way to relax before midterms. Even those who didn’t go home as winners left feeling that they’d hit the jackpot. PHOTOS | ANDREW MAAS, ORACLE T 26 W 27 Moth StorySLAM "NTUFSEBN#BS BOE)BMM tQN Stars First Avenue tQN 2 Spring Break Picks! Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams (film screening) -BHPPO$JOFNB tQN 3 Deathtrap The Jungle Theater tQN T 28 Pete Whitman X-tet The Artists’ Quarter tQN 4 People Get Ready $FEBS$VMUVSBM Center tQN F 29 Confidentially Yours (Truffaut Film Series) The Trylon tQN 5 A Dialogue: Noah Baumbach 8BMLFS$JOFNB tQN S 30 S 31 Delhi 2 Dublin $FEBS$VMUVSBM Center tQN Ducktails Turf Club tQN 6 Willow 6QUPXO5IFBUSF t.JEOJHIU M Little Green Cars UI4U&OUSZ tQN 7 Hey Ocean! UI4U&OUSZ tQN 1 8 Caitlen Rose 5SJQMF3PDL tQN


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