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The Mountain Press ■ Sevier County’s Daily Newspaper ■ Vol. 26, No. 230 ■ August 18, 2010 ■ ■ 75 Cents Wednesday INSIDE Stabbed man charged with assault Confrontation occurred between co-workers at Kodak stables By JEFF FARRELL Staff Writer 5Vets get ducks in a Roe Congression tells Legion Post local VA hospital important to him LOCAL, Page A5 SEVIERVILLE — The man who allegedly drew a knife on a female co-worker and wound up getting stabbed himself is now facing an aggravated assault charge. Jesus S. Fernandez, 27, of 1006 Alex Bales Road in Kodak, was charged with the crime after he was released Monday from The University of Tennessee Medical Center. According to the criminal complaint, Fernandez and Jana Hinton were arguing when he drew a knife on Hinton, who “then took the knife away from Jesus S. Fernandez at which time Fernandez did repeatedly attempt to attack (her) and was cut several times himself during the attack.” Fernandez was being held at the Sevier County Jail Tuesday in lieu of $7,500 bond. The Alex Bales Road address given for Fernandez is also the address listed for Steve Woody Stables, which offers boarding and horseback riding. Calls to the business’s phone number went unanswered. The cause of the confrontation has not been released by police. n Movin’ on up Election certified — or is it? Some candidates may have questions 5Amazing Elegance By DEREK HODGES Staff Writer Ball raises more than $158,000 for LeConte, medical agencies LOCAL, Page A2 Sports NASCAR invades Sevierville Two Camping World drivers appear at Volunteer Chevrolet Page A8 Curt Habraken/The Mountain Press Weather The Election Commission staff office at the courthouse resembles that closet you would rather no one sees when they visit. Election Commission may get new home at old library Today Mostly cloudy By DEREK HODGES Staff Writer High: 83° Tonight Mostly cloudy Low: 69° DETAILS, Page A6 Obituaries Lew Stamm, 71 Gearldene Dykes, 72 Eula Sutton, 70 Frances Hicks, 81 Keith Biggs, 48 Donald Sweitzer, 76 Blanche Rhinehart, 89 Margie Pancake, 87 Margaret Lester Otis Nelson, 93 DETAILS, Pages A4, A5 Index Local & State . . . . A1-A6 Calendar . . . . . . . . . . A3 Opinion . . . . . . . . . . . . . A7 Sports . . . . . . . . . . A8-A12 Money . . . . . . . . . . . . A5 Advice . . . . . . . . . . . A16 Comics . . . . . . . . . . . . A16 Classifieds . . . . . A12-A15 Nation . . . . . . . . A17,A18 Corrections The Mountain Press is committed to accuracy. Please report factual errors by calling 428-0748 Ext. 214. SEVIERVILLE — Lately it seems the County Commission’s Intergovernmental Committee would be better named the Construction and Musical Chairs Committee. In just the last couple years it’s overseen moving the finance office downstairs in the courthouse, the assistant mayor upstairs and part of County Clerk Joe Keener’s staff across the hall, as well as supervising renovation on the old post office. The newest project may be relo- cating the Election Commission staff from the courthouse to the now-empty library. It’s a move that, if made, would likely be some time in the future, with plenty of work to be done on the former library. “We need it for sure,” Administrator of Elections Ronée Flynn says of the new space. “We’ve got six people, six desks, all the paperwork, registration printers and everything else it takes to run this office. We’re on top of each other. “There’s only one place in this office where two people can be on the floor at once. The rest of it KSB reaches out to students to help keep Sevier beautiful there’s only room for one person to pass.” Flynn isn’t exaggerating. The six staff members are crammed into space barely larger than an average bedroom, sharing their tight space with filing cabinets and beige shelves that hold records for every voter. At the front of the courthouse space are a pair of desks that limit movement by the counter where voters and candidates register. The women who sit at them barely have room to move in their chairs before they’re knocking into a shelf See COMMISSION, Page A17 Just around the corner By ELLEN BROWN Staff Writer One of Keep Sevier Beautiful’s most important missions is to educate youth on taking care of the environment, KSB executive director Elizabeth Reed said. “We tell second-graders that we’re kind of like their mom and dad,” she said. “When we visit them at the schools, we ask if they like to clean their rooms. Of course, they don’t — but then we ask them how they feel when it’s clean. “I say, ‘I’m kind of like the mom of Sevier County, and I want you to picture the county as your room. I want you to get your room cleaned up — because we have 14 million people who are going to visit your room.’ “Their eyes get really big at that,” Reed said with a laugh. Along with second grade, KSB visits fourth and sixth grades to talk about how they can help protect Mother Earth. “In second grade, we give them a coloring book, crayons and packet of seeds and use the cleaning your room example,” she said. “In fourth and sixth grade, we give them items like reusable water bottles. It’s all about making choices: We have ‘Fred the Fish’ and talk about stormwater in fourth grade, and ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ in See BEAUTIFUL, Page A17 Curt Habraken/The Mountain Press You know it’s getting close when the Sevier County Fair signs start going up around major intersections. As the sign says the fair runs Labor Day week. SEVIERVILLE — Well, the numbers from the county’s Aug. 5 voting have been certified, but that doesn’t mean the election will be written in ink in the history books just yet. That’s because there may be some candidates who want to question the outcome of the balloting and there remain at least two legal actions seeking to declare several men elected Aug. 5 ineligible to serve. The Election Commission voted unanimously to certify the vote, with each member of the group affixing a signature to five copies of each set of results. However, Administrator of Elections Ronée Flynn told them there may be some questions ahead. “We have had some of the normal phone calls from candidates about the results,” Flynn said. “Some of them are asking about contesting the election and what it takes to do that, though.” What it takes, according to Tennessee law, is filing a petition with the secretary of state’s office within five days of the certification. Because that deadline falls on a Saturday based on the date of Monday’s meeting, Flynn said a staffer in the Nashville office recommended the group cut off contests by Friday, something that she said is supported by several court rulings. Flynn wouldn’t elaborate on who was questioning the results or on what grounds. However, a couple candidates apparently were upset about a glitch poll workers encountered on election day. “We know exactly what happened as far as the list,” Flynn told the group, saying the software used to create the rolls of voters poll workers checked on Aug. 5 somehow picked up names from the May early voting list, designating those folks as early voters. “It was just a very strange thing. We’re looking into it and working on it. I want to get to the bottom of it and not have any issues in November.” Flynn said those who voted prior to the Aug. 5 election were correctly denoted as having done so. However, somehow 1,000 of the 3,000 or so on the list of those who cast ballots early in May also ended up on that list. That meant some See ELECTION, Page A17

August 18, 2010

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