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UrbanED COLLEGE LIFE CULTURE CAREER BLACK OUT Does “acting Black” hinder student achievement? By Maya Brooks Because I was smart, I was called White girl, book- worm, nerd and geek. It didn’t help that I wore glasses. Nearly every day after school, I read every book I could at the library or made crafts with my grandmother who lived down the street from my Catholic all-girl’s high school. But on the days I didn’t wait out the two hours to ride home with my mother from work, I had to catch the public transit bus. That automatically meant torture. “Yeah, there go them Catholic school girls,” the boys sitting in the back of the bus would shout out. “Just look at them with all those books.” “Yeah, they real smart.” continued on page 14 The Great DEBATE Choose your words carefully if you expect to win page 6 SCHOLARSHIPS Making It EMU Student entrepreneur grows web agency, funds scholarship page 4 DPS student awards total $77.4 million and are growing page 8 UrbanED • April 2012 1

UrbanEd April 2012

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