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ISSUE 07 ­ NOV 2012 Support us even more by buying the printed copy of this mag! A Magazine for Raspberry Pi Users Arduino And RasPi Get Connected! Thiis IIsssue... •• IInnteerruuppts •• SSoollarr Pi •• TTuurrbboo Moddee •• PPii EEvvoluuttiioonn •• CC++++ PPlluuss.... A chanccee tto win a PINNKK RaasPi CCaasee! •• Ann intervieew ww wiithh tthhee RRaassppbbiian ddeevveelloperrss •• Make yoouurr ow wn llaadderr ggam mee usiinng PPCCBBs •• Thhe bassiiccss ooff GNNU m maakee hhttttpp::///wwwwww..tthheem maaggppii..ccoom m Raspberry Pi is a trademark of The Raspberry Pi Foundation. This magazine was created using a Raspberry Pi computer.

The MagPi Issue 7

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