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NCSY ignites youth Page 3 Pollard editorial Page 4 Hebrew only please! Page 8 What’s your favorite place in Jerusalem? Page 10 THE JEWISH STAR VOL 10, NO 21 ■ JUNE 3, 2011 / ROSH CHODESH SIVAN, 5771 WWW.THEJEWISHSTAR.COM Haredi Internet debate Agudath de-blogs By Sergey Kadinsky It came down within hours of its posting, but as word got out, the material that appeared on the short-lived Agudath Israel of America news blog, continues to resonate online. On May 25, Leah Zagelbaum, the organization’s communications director, launched the blog, using it to share photographs, press releases, and event information. Within hours, the post was removed, pending a review by the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah, the rabbinic board that has the final word in Agudath Israel. “So, it’s clear that this blog is all about news at Agudath Israel of America,” Zagelbaum wrote. “I’ll be posting press releases, pictures and information about Agudah activities. I’m hoping this will be a forum for sharing breaking news, interesting events and important statements.” The blog bucked the organization’s policy of shunning the Internet in a time when other major Orthodox organizations have used the web as a communications tool. “It’s in their interest to have an online presence, said Ezra Friedlander, an executive of the Friedlander PR Group. “But how can their rabbinic leadership sanction something that is not kosher?” Friedlander said that while the blog did not allow for comments to be posted, the organization’s main concern is keeping control of its message, which can get picked up by other sites even after it is erased. “Ours may be a clunky system, but we manage to get information out to the public through press releases and the reports that result in newspapers from our interactions with the media,” said Rabbi Avi Shafran, the organization’s public affairs director. “Members not only of the press but also the public know that I am always available to respond Continued on page 2 Photo by Ariel Rosenbloom Beautiful banner prepared by HAFTR Lower School for the Celebrate Israel Parade proclaiming “Sing us a song of Zion.” Manhattan parade and concert in the park By Ariel Rosenbloom, Sergey Kadinsky and David F. Nesenoff The art classes at S.K.A. and HAFTR were all filled with student-made banners portraying Israeli flags, kippot and themes of every respective yeshiva. As New York City prepares for the festivities celebrating Israel’s independence, Long Islanders are gearing up for a day of great tribute and emotion. On the heels of the AIPAC conference, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress and President Obama’s recent comments on the 1967 Israeli borders, tens of thousands of Jews are expected to march down Fifth Avenue on Sunday in the Celebrate Israel Parade and then gather in Central Park for a Jerusalem United Forever concert/rally. “The parade itself has an overarching theme of the pasuk shiru lanu mshir tzion,” said HAFTR Lower School’s art director, Rena Mosac. “We translated it to sing us a song of Zion.” Taking a different variation on this year’s song for Israel theme, S.K.A. principal Rabbi Jeff Rothman said, “S.K.A.’s parade theme this year is shiru l’Hashem shir chadash.” Both schools painted banners of children carrying musical instruments and notes fashioned into Hebrew letters expressing each school’s respective slogan. With an expected 30,000 proud marchers and hundreds of thousands of spectators, this year’s parade has three major innovations. Milton Glaser, who is best known for his I Love NY logo, designed the parade’s new logo. “The Celebrate Israel Parade makes the statement that we stand with Israel through thick and thin, and that the fates of our nations are linked. The shapes and colors in the logo represent the relationship of light to Shabbat Candlelighting: 8:04 p.m. Shabbat ends 9:09 p.m. 72 minute zman 9:33 p.m. Torah Reading Parshat Naso This Wednesday and Thursday is Shavuot Counting is said on the evening before the given dates. Thursday ......................... June 2 44 Omer Friday .............................. June 3 45 Omer Shabbat ..........................June 4 46 Omer Sunday ............................ June 5 47 Omer Monday ........................... June 6 48 Omer Tuesday ........................... June 7 49 Omer Wednesday .....................June 8 Shavuot Thursday ......................... June 9 Shavuot Like us on Facebook The Jewish Star newspaper Follow us on Twitter PRST STD US POSTAGE PAID GARDEN CITY, NY 11530 PERMIT NO 301 Omer counting quick reference: Continued on page 3

June 03, 2011

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