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THE GUARDSMAN Vol. 158, Issue 1, Aug. 20 - Sept. 2, 2014 | City College of San Francisco | since 1935 | | @SfBreakingNews | IG: Theguardsman | FREE Accreditation Restoration policy may be last chance to maintain accreditation By Samantha Dennis @sfbreakingnews The Guardsman City College has applied for restoration status and if granted, would allow them two years to comply with accreditation standards and keep the school open and accredited. Chancellor Arthur Tyler spoke to approximately 30 people Aug.14 at the Chinatown/North Beach center about the plans he has to get City College back on track. “We didn’t have all the systems in place,” Tyler said. “We didn’t have all the administrative practices that really great colleges should have and we’re in the process of changing that.” Restoration status was recently created by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges to give City College the time they had requested to meet the standards to maintain accreditation. Restoration differs from the previous option of candidacy status because it allows the school to remain accredited during the process. “The restoration process City College Chancellor Arthur Tyler gestures during a media briefing on the school’s accreditation at the Chinatown center, is going to be lengthy, probably Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014. Photo by Santiago Mejia/The Guardsman two to two and a half years, but “Over the last few months, thought they could become,” Tyler College faces ahead. and is a major factor in the success throughout that period we’re “There are definitely strug- of City College. there has been a heroic effort by said. going to remain an accredited Tyler mentioned new changes gles ahead for City College and Lightman spoke highly of City institution and were going to our faculty and our staff and our to the enrollment process as well I don’t believe our battles with College and expressed the support remain loyal to the legacy that as being more student centered the accreditors is over,” Mandel- for the school is not only within was started almost 80 years ago,” for the graduation process. This man said. “Whether because of the community, but statewide. Tyler said. will allow students to know they all the fine work that the folks at “I hear it across the state, Tyler agreed to apply for the are on a path towards something the college have done or because everyone is rooting for this instistatus despite his doubts. The and are aware they are close to of the city attorneys lawsuits or tution,” Lightman said. “Even ACCJC will analyze City Colleges graduating. because of the simple fact that of though it’s still a bumpy road, self-evaluation report on Nov. Accompanying Tyler at the political community have shown you have to know that you are not 16 and determine in mid Janupress conference was Rafael they will not allow City College alone and we at the faculty assoary whether or not to grant City Mandelman, a member of the to close, City College is open and ciation are fighting for you.” College restoration status. If Boards of Trustees and Jonathan here to stay.” Tyler finished by showing his denied, City College has no right Lightman, executive director of Along with the San Francisco thanks and expressing his positive to appeal. the Faculty Association of Cali- city lawsuit that has kept City thoughts towards City College. Along with the submission College open, there have been a “City College is not too big to for restoration status, there’s an administrators to continue to fornia Community Colleges. Mandelman spoke on behalf number of protests including one fail, it’s too important to fail,” Tyler ongoing lawsuit filed by City move the institution forward and Attorney Dennis Herrera against help students achieve not only of the 90,000 people who elected in Sacramento. The overwhelm- said. “It’s your college and I’m here the ACCJC with a trial set for what they want to become but him onto the Board of Trustees ing support from the community to tell you we’re gonna continue to October. perhaps beyond what they ever and discussed the obstacles City has made an impact on the college be here for a very long time.” “City College is not too big to fail, it’s too important to fail,” Tyler said.

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