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TURE ON SPECIAL FEA LL CENTRE P6 GEORGE HU Serving MIMICO, LONG BRANCH, STONEGATE-QUEENSWAY, ALDERWOOD and NEW TORONTO heal kids, teens tos, addiction A safe place for the etobicoke 6 s guardian tackle a local issue mental illnes the Ontario Ministry our with anxiety, While and Youth Services exclusive of families cope of Children 90 per cent provides nearly Centre helps funding, fundlook the centre’s The George Hull centre’s reality. raising is the ors, benefact Donors and ls, founwhether individua ns, help dations or corporatio under services, to extend from an constant pressure client base ever-increasing in need. services have Short-term than longerlists shorter wait t. However, term treatmen teens in deschildren and help are priof perate need D TAMARA SHEPHAR tshephard@insidetoront a hopeless, J had been teen. vulnerable emoHe was violent, time as a Crown g, tional. His challengin had ward had been thought he traumatic. He had given no future. Everyone up on him. to the George Then he came and for Children Hull Centre children’s mental Families, a central in health agency Etobicoke. he spoke of A decade later, being healed. promised to “The centre and up on me, never give initially skeptiwhile I was true to this cal, it has proven “I have no doubt day,” he said. , but I have had my challenges successes. Every also had my of the George single member like family feels Hull Centre that isn’t one day to me. There of my I don’t talk passes that es...” positive experienc A oritized. and teens, the In older kids illness and fact that mental often married addiction are e one another and exacerbat understa nding. isn’t new rare is What is relatively s, one of few in Clear Direction t programs day treatmen conyouth with Toronto for current disorders. alcohol or “Kids using becomes that drugs, often because the major problem their life,” Garcia it dominates said. treats also The centre psyKELSO teens with Staff photo/IAN children and bipolar disorwith a client. chotic illness, chats disorders mood Families der, severe Children and Kids Compulsive Centre for the world. and Obsessive George Hull of anxiety in clinic at the to a lot that Disorder. 103,000 grades community affiliation grow up exposed manager of this year asked questions It has a formal of Toronto a Leticia Gracia, we didn’t.” a huge prob4 to 12 students wellchildren is    “Anxiety is with the University for masemotional Anxiety in Gracia, George centre about their intensive sesand nurture, lem,” Leticia commun ity the George Hull as a teaching in medicine, attend three weeks to help mix of nature Treatmen t is Since 1985, sts, being. six g results Hull Centre’s of psychiatri ters students social said. “It’s sions over Garcia said. The alarminof students Centre’s staff social workers, psychology, exposure cation difficulclinic manager commonly psychiatry, lanwith communi often so-called the child d painful most psychologists, speech and found a majority nervous or educators, one of the work and we expeties, some unresolve feeling therapy, whereby gentle, early childhood problems talked about reported patholonot through e referred guage. language the time. experienc social work is supported It can be mild to the speech and anxious all ding each other Psychiatry and as George rience here. be absolutely youth workers Canadian chilor understan repeated exposure can well One in five gists, child and have worked anxiety until anxiety or it kids who won’t younger than students, as in a better. cause of their lessens and and educators participate dren and youth a diagnosto life-stopping: Hull staff, multidisciplinaryt, with the anxiety who don’t go family therapy together on 19 struggle assessmen go to school, they can’t get l, mental or 14-session resolves. by Reem Abdul teams to provideconsultation able emotiona 1985 school because session led disorder, a anxiety educational the treatment and behavioral It can be mild out of the house.” Health study family and Qadir, the centre’s also follows Worry Warrior She to the child, to Canadian Child ty. The centre’s a co-ordinator. for children We need to learn or it can be absolutely they manage broader communi the reported. series, groups teaches kids to offers clinical students as she believes kids who months. 12, The centre Gracia said to our children case for six higher life-stopping: talk for teens, ages eight to even client’s be red-light groups parents talk services; incidence to “We’re helping when they emotional resilience, keep them safe. parents; resiwon’t go to school... t thoughts, that, children and for boys and ly Qadir, today. versus green-ligh ,” can’t get – Reem Abdul about things u can on ge those “ W h y ? Yo dential homes because they to mana co-ordinator a school higher kids, was unspoken ow h solvthat were educational includes size problem 12 said. “We need girls that hypothe out of the house. thoughts and Warrior series grades 6 to the fact both Abdul Qadir to our children program for well as Clear – Leticia Gracia, rates of divorce, ing. The Worry is already fully to learn to talk safe. We teach as often working, manager r students, tive parents are high anxiety community clinic for Septembe a collabora to keep them to talk about extended family “Kids with Directions, there is less anxious parents. Breakaw ay booked. commun ity parents how is a group for tend to have with their kids the program with support, less will see famikind of genetic Fun Friends less supthese things also start to Services and A clinician There’s some four to seven ent. A Addiction can as eight sessupport, generally school board, children ages and It’s temperam less Gracia said. so society for as many public lies grief kids,” loading. for resilience for Toronto port cases, irritable, a way that builds reduction phitalk about it.” are high in sions, in some a child has lost ent through kid who is more Gracia said. uses a harm youth ages 18 “Pressures skills developm for us growtherapy when easy to soothe,” develop in children effeclosophy to help run than they were loved one. or play to help can also who are strugparents let us to difficult a parent or and “Anxiety Our such , with up. and younger ing children substance situations tively cope situacommunity Anxiety in response to the most rovoking gling with serious around in the Now everyanxiety-p mental health teens is amonghealth issue as bullying.” abuse and play and explore.There is a lot tions. School common mental in its outissues. body is scared. treats A Toronto District earlier fee for serthe centre There is no conducted for various Board study patient services vice. cing issues. mental health Families experien conflict parent-adolescent “ “ tues sept 3, 2013 i INSIDE Books, computers help lift spirits of Dixon Road kids/ 3 Girl Guides earn badge, talk to pilots at air show ® IN THE SWING OF THINGS TRANSIT TTC expanding its service for fall scheduling / 7 CYNTHIA REASON Little Sydney McMahon got the VIP treatment at the Canadian International Air Show over the weekend – including a front row seat to the roaring show, meet-and-greets with each of the fearless pilots, and a very special presentation of an aeronautics badge to add to her Girl Guide sash. “My favourite part was when the Dragon Lady and Red Star EVENTS Seniors’ wellness through comedy and laughter / 9 were up there,” said Sydney, 9, who belongs to the 163rd Toronto Girl Guides troop out of Kingsway Lambton United Church in Etobicoke. “They were, like, splitting and they were doing tricks.” Sydney, who attends Howard Junior Public School, was just one of about 40 Girl Guides from across the GTA invited to the Air Show this year. First, they were chauffeured to the site by bus, courtesy of Toronto >>>GIRLS, page 12 Police hold vigil at bedside of beaten boy CYNTHIA REASON AMAZING DEALS ON GROUP DISCOUNTS SHOP AND EARN, EVERY TIME! COUPONS-FLYERS-DEALS-TIPS KEEP IN TOUCH @ETGuardian etobicokeguardian MORE ONLINE Staff photo/MARY GAUDET LAST DAY OF FREEDOM: Paolo Tenaglia, 13, gets in a last round at the Humber Valley Golf Club on Labour Day, before heading back to school today. The young golfer has been playing for a couple of seasons, and on this hole, drove the ball further than his dad and uncle. �� ��� � � �� ��� � � �� � ���� ��� �� � ��� �� ���� ��� � �� ���� ��� Police continue to keep vigil at the bedside of an 11-year-old Etobicoke boy who remains in grave condition at the Hospital for Sick Children after suffering a severe beating last week. “We still continue to remain by his bedside, but there are no further updates,” Staff Sgt. Mary Price of 22 Division told The Guardian on Monday. “(There’s been) no improvement, but no further lack of improvement in � ��� ���� ��� his condition, either. It’s status quo with him right now, as far as I understand.” Meanwhile, the boy’s mother remains in police custody, facing charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault and failure to provide the necessities of life. The 32-year-old woman, whose name is not being released to protect the identity of her son, was arrested early Friday, Aug. 30 morning after police were called to an >>>RASH, page 12 ����� ����� ��������� ���� ��� �� � � � �������� ����� � ��� ��� ���� SHOPPING s

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