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Viewpoints 6 The Informer 10 FREE Get Out: The Guide 12 City Beat 4 Good Sports 15 Classifieds 16 Sept. 9, 2010 Vol. 1 Issue 10 THE EAGLE CNY’s source for news, views & things to do What ever happened to 40 Below? The group came on strong and dreamt big, but has 40 Below’s moment passed? See page 3. Make it Snappy “Winter’s Bone” a chilling don’t-miss when it plays in Manlius this week Page 14 Downtown After Dark  SU’s Sarah Aument a star  A month of Tenor Madness at L'Adour  Cinephile opens falls season this week  Page 7 Getting Married? Call and get your free copy of the new Wedding Planner Book. (315) 434-8889 ext. 307 in print & online EaglE NEwspapErs 315-434-8889 $346 million Federal funding expected to help New York State offset costs of medical insurance provided to public employees taking advantage of early retirement incentive over the next two years. “ When there is little else to do in a town such as Syracuse, why not go shopping? We found our way to Walmart, BJ’s, and to some depressingly quiet mall in the East side of town. ’” - Jaz, a 25-year-old Australian expat living in NYC, who traveled to Syracuse for the Fair last week 9/11 ceremony The city of Syracuse will hold its annual Sept. 11 remembrance ceremony beginning at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 11 at Fayette Firefighters Park. For more details, see page 4. We’ re on Facebook Find out what we’re up to and tell us what you want to see in print at EaglE NEwspapErs

The Eagle september 9, 2010

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