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Will we go down in history? Visit www.thedepauw. com/features to read Leah Freestone’s history article TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2012 Indiana’s Oldest College Newspaper $2.5 million donation from Sarah and John Wallace ‘76 and James B. Stewart ’73, to create ‘faculty club’ space in new dining hall VOL. 161, ISSUE 24 IT’S IN THE NUMBERS Comparing 2011 and 2012 application numbers Number of applications received as of Dec. 3, 2012 By ABBY MARGULIS 6.6% increase Number of completed applications 14.4% increase ions plicat ation, ted ap c comple s the appli ions, e dat includs, recommen scores essay e and test m resu Number of students who have applied early action 21.5% increase Admission goals A 10% increase in applications, making it 5,500 in total 2,300 more applications by holiday break Sarah Wallace and John Wallace, both '76, will donate $1.5 million to the new Hoover Dining Hall project, which will now have a space for faculty dining. The space is intended to foster student-faculty relationships by providing a venue for out of class conversations. PHOTO COURTESY OF DEPAUW UNIVERSITY. By JOSEPH FANELLI DePauw’s to-be dining facility, R. David and Suzanne A. Hoover Hall, received an- other boost Thursday after three DePauw alumni donated $2.5 million towards a faculty dining room and gathering space within Donation | cont’d on page 3 Admissions sees increase in early action applicants The early action deadline for high school seniors passed on December 1, bringing in 378 more applications from this time last year as of Monday evening. Applications are still in the process of being counted so a final number cannot be officially stated. The Office of Admission has a goal for a 10 percent increase this year in the number of applications they receive and are on the right track to achieving it. There has been a 14.4 percent increase in completed applications at this time compared to last year, and Admissions has also received 169 more applicants overall this year for regular admission. Vice President of Admissions Dan Meyer said that there has been an increase in the number of people visiting DePauw since June. “They are driven by positive things, like the new buildings, coming out of DePauw, so we’re getting more people to campus,” Meyer said. Not only are the many changes to DePauw a draw for more prospective students to campus, but Admissions has added new events this year. A second Fall Friday was added to the schedule this year where high school seniors are paired with a current student who they Admission | cont’d on page 4 NEWS FEATURES AD School of Music goes international Students & their productivity Staff position applications inside page 3 page 6 & 7 page 10

The DePauw | Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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