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Cowl The Providence College @thecowl • bt e D y m o e o S d Fe on c E Unless you have been living in the Dore and Fennell tunnels for the past year, you have undoubtedly had blue donkeys and red elephants on your mind. Every time you turn on a television, there is a political advertisement reminding you to vote in the upcoming election. Your neighbor’s yard is polluted with political signs, and there are even candidate themed coffee cups at your local gas station. The country has gone election crazy and Providence College is no exception. For many undergraduate students at the College, this election will be the first in which they are able to cast their vote. On Monday, November 5, 2012, Pi Sigma Alpha (the political science honor society), the College Republicans, and the College Democrats held a straw poll in Slavin and Raymond Dining Hall. Students who participated in the straw poll were given paper ballots. On the paper ballots, the students chose between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. When the straw poll closed, the sponsoring clubs counted the votes, imitating the process of the actual election. The clubs initiated the straw poll on campus in order to garner enthusiasm for the election, as well as to spread awareness. Undergraduate students at the College most likely remember straw polls being conducted during the last Presidential election in their high schools. However, at the time, the majority of students were not old enough to vote. Their goal was not to spread liberalism or conservatism but rather to excite students and encourage them to vote in the actual election. The clubs and honor society hoped that the straw poll encouraged students to do their own research on the candidates and helped them to make an informed decision when voting in the actual election. The straw poll benefits students both politically and academically. “We wanted to do it because we wanted to see who PC would pick,” said Meryl Ertelt ’13, president of the College Republicans and secretary of Pi Sigma Alpha. “It gets people thinking about the election.” Ertelt believes that the division between the students’ political preferences is greater than the state of Rhode Island’s, which is mainly a Democratic state. According to Ertelt, because Rhode Island is a Democratic state, it will presumably go to President Obama. However, at a Catholic college, it is hard to predict the student vote. Because students are aware of social issues as well as moral and pro-life issues. Ertelt predicted that STRAW / Page 6 A UNDERtheHOOD Providence Colleges Student-Run Newspaper Since 1935 News World Commentary Roving A&E Portfolio Sports Campus Events s lt su Re ll Po C P c i P s k a C by Micaela Cameron ’13 News Editor w ra St w ry s e a L ita e ttic m il r k us is M a lJ l a M cia r l E S a in Ch November 8, 2012 9 4 6 e 1 5 g : e e 2 a l : t l m o y a a C e b d l n i O m ora d t o n c R e E tu an Ir e l de e iag rr a yM fe i Ga o L es t ttaatlisdme ighg uStionTrate e R in tit ign Vo ns re ur ns Th Sw Co Fo Yo Gu e 2 r 1 a 0 c s 2 a n m n a a o o i b L t O c nt Vol. LXXVII No. 9 2 World 7 10 Perspectives on Hurricane Sandy. 11 13 Page 7 17 22 Commentary A&E Post-election opinions in 100 words or less... Sandella’s: Best food in Friartown? Page 10 Page 15

The Cowl 11.8.12

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