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1980 • Our 32nd Year! • 2012 PRST STD U.S Postage Paid Glens Falls, N.Y. PERMIT NO. 150 º15-23 Free Gordon Ramsay º 3 • The End of Eddie’s º 4 Circulation 28,000 © Copyright 2012 The Chronicle Phone: 518-792-1126 Next Week: Health & Fitness Northern New York’s Leading Newspaper • Down to earth and growing • Vol. 32, No. 1,417 • January 19-25, 2012 Glens Falls’ most eligible bachelors! What a day for their wedding º 16 Photo © Corrina Aldrich ‘On-call’ ER outrage Mark, The Hospital ER Doctor story [Jan. 12 Chronicle] seems to be an outrageous abuse of the trust that most people have that when they are treated at an Emergency Room they will be charged within the bounds of ‘reasonable and customary.’ I hope you will solicit ‘the other side of the story’ and tell us who it was, and what he has to say in his justification. Thanks for bringing this to public attention. — Jim McAndrew, North River Doctors should have to disclose price in advance Dear Mr. Frost, I was disgusted by the letter to the editor in the Jan. 12-18 Chronicle describing the visit to the Glens Falls ER and treatment by an on-call doctor. Like you, my shock wasn’t that the doctor wouldn’t accept the woman’s Inside: Adirondack Phantoms Singles! Special Chronicle feature Photography by Craig Murphy Concept by Cathy DeDe º , Ho s e d a h S r a Cellul Blinds l a c i t r e V & Please turn to page 7 URANT A E REST CHINESBUFFET•LOUNGE MENU A ts Stoves, Inser call Angelac. Broker o Lic. R.E. Ass LA CARTE 9 –3 $7.9 uffet 11 $12.99 B h c n u 9 L uffet 4– 0, Sun. 11–10 Dinner B 10–1 T•A TAKE-OU or Buying SellingCugini ing nnounc t. en Mon.–Sa Dr. Lake Shore e Lake Geo3rg00 668-9 t Escape 792-1800 • Opbury, 1/4 mi. south of Grea Rt. 9, Queens G A R E A ’S L A R G E ST R E TA IL E 00, Spend $1 R pon $10 couurant (518) eceive a 798- r to The Silo resta 1900 ried? r a M etting ets Luxury… ble Me Afforda anor e Water MR 9N L at Blu NORTH OF LAKE GEORGE VILLAGE, OUTE LESS THAN 7 MILES 8-644-2535 51 AKESIDE 5 032 ext 12 518-798-0 ., Queensbur y uaker Rd 63 Q 12-14 rizontal lar Shades, Home of Cellung, Vinyl Vinyl Sidi t Windows, Replacemen rtical Blinds Ve & al nt Horizo COPIERS WS, W INDO, ETC . DOOR S A Divisio 108 M SPINELLI SEE PAUL n of KP S Enterp rises , In c. Queensbu ain Street, • 745-5399 ry 361-3929 u XES yo Keeping FA connected PRINTERS COLOR 761 .net 793-7 Attorney Bill ery Montgom at Now located t. S le p a M 0 3 5 1 • 798-688 s ll Fa Glens om .c w a yl er billmontgom oil Heating e a p Pro n rs Generato rs e n itio Air cond 35 • 668-20 8 2 4 -2 4 49

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