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NEED IDEAS FOR MOTHER’S DAY? SEE OUR SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION INSIDE OUR COMMUNITY, OUR VOICE MAY 10–23, 2013 FOUNDED IN 2002 VOLUME 11, ISSUE 9 A New Face in a Brave New World San Juan Capistrano’s new librarian has the know-how to take on a changing library landscape E Y E O N S J C / PAG E 4 San Juan Capistrano’s new librarian Sarah Stimson has earned early praise for her vocal presence and public outreach. Photo by Brian Park Darmal Gets His Dream Home, CUSD Begins Contract Talks and More San Juan Native Daughter Bobbie Banda Passes Away High School Hurlers Reveal Secrets of Their Best Pitches EYE ON SJC/PAGE 3 SJC LIVING/PAGE 14 SPORTS/PAGE 18

May 10, 2013

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