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On August 2001 FREE The Pool Players Best Source of Information PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY CHEESECO MUSIC & PUBLISHING Viva Las Vegas COPYRIGHT 2001 PUBLISHING SINCE 1989 THE WORLD OF POOL COMES TO TOWN Mike Segal, Nick Varner, Jim The Billiard Congress of Rempe along with seeing America 2001 International Mike Massey again, Jim Trade Expo - Las Vegas, Chapman and Herb Wilmot Nevada July 19 - 21 from Westar, Joe and The event was a huge Bridget Porper, Bob Meucci success. Imagine going to and the list goes on and on. your local billiard supply and It’s amazing after twelve just looking around only now years of talking to the there are 277 different majority of these people on billiard suppliers in 125,000 the phone such as Jason square feet. Talk about a “kid Bowman with APA, Joel in a candy store”, that’s the Shapiro with Viking Cue and way I felt! Jan McWorter president of I arrived on Thursday about the WPBA, to be able to put noon. This was my first trade faces with names of people show, so once I walked I’ve talked to. There are so through the door, got my many exhibits, it is virtually pass and everything then (l to r) Dave Anglum, Stephen Ducoff, Amy Long, John Lewis impossible to go through it went onto the actual floor in the three days that I was itself, what a sight! There were so many exhibitors, there, but I tried. I enjoyed meeting everyone. who knew where to begin first. I checked in with the On Saturday about 1 PM there was a press BCA booth, met Amy Long, John Lewis and a few of conference for all the Media. We were able to talk to the staff and sat and talked to them for awhile. I then the trade show representative as well as Amy Long, started to walk around. There and Stephen Ducoff with BCA. The majority of the were a few people I did want questions were asked concerning the upcoming to see on my list World Games in that were from Aikita, Japan Washington, August 16-26. Oregon, Idaho, How the decision Montana and was made as to California. This who was sent took me through from the United about half of my list States to the first day. participate. The (l to r) Don “Cheese” Akerlow, Karen Corr I had the priviledge women chosen of meeting BCA Hall of Fame were the top ladies of the WPBA. Since there wasn’t member Jimmy Caras. I also a men’s actual ranking, they were chosen by the John Lewis (standing) met Jeanette Lee, Ewa tournaments they played in throughout the last year Jimmy Caras Mataya Laurance, Megan and how they did with an artificial ranking system Smith, Tiffany Nelson, Karen Corr, Allison Fisher, this time. My concern was, “Is there going to be some by: Don “Cheese” Akerlow APA POOL PLAYERS GOING TO VEGAS Oregon All In The Attitude - McMinnville, Oregon (back l to r) Sharon McBride, Larry Burnett, John Vamos, Darren Reed (front l to r) Gary “Oz” Osbon, Peggy Barnes, Sharon Hall See article by Randee Lee page 11 Washington (BCA Trade Expo continued on page 18) Winner of the Admiral World Pool Championship 2001 July 14 - 22, 2001 Cardiff International Arena Cardiff, Wales Mika Immonen Mika Immonen (see article page 9) Potluck - Spokane, Washington Megan Vandewall, Jean Hoberg, Roma Sinn, Virginia Loch, Joyce Fulford, Chris Mudnel, Myrna Davis Montana Bout Time - Great Falls, Montana Jason Tigart, Sky Tigart, Greg Richardson, Dee Richardson, Dana Jensen, Jack Pepos, Jeff Beattie, Andrea Grindeland See page 12 for more teams going to Las Vegas

The Break August Issue 2001

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