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14 JANUARY 21, 2011 | THE BOSTON PHOENIX | THEPHOENIX.COM THE FUTURE, ILLUSTRATED FORGET POLITICIANS, ECONOMISTS, OR INVENTORS — THE FUTURE OF BOSTON BELONGS TO THE COMICS _BY TH E B O S TO N CO MI C S RO U N DTABL E f The Boston Comics Roundtable is a collective of comics artists and writers who’ve been meeting weekly in Harvard Square since 2006. We approached this future-Boston project as a sort of moderated “jam comic,” an improvised group effort in which one cartoonist draws a panel, then passes it off to another who adds a panel of their own, and so on, usually resulting in a weird, amusing Frankenstein monster of a story. In this case, each cartoonist went off on their own and came up with a scene from the coming century, which we then fit together into a sequence. While we realize that the Boston area is loaded with economists, political scien- 2020: boston becomes first city to fully automate tourism. 2030: time travel improves diversity of area colleges. move-in day traffic, not so much. 2050: global warming lifts sea levels. little changes for resilient locals. 2080: golden era ends. ...very little. 2090: mutant archaeologists enslave remaining humans. discovery of ancient warning causes invaders to abandon city. tists, engineers, inventors, city planners, and other highbrow plutocrats who think they have a handle on where society is going, we cartoonists will put our predictions up against anyone’s! To learn more about the BCR, go to 2040: silver line goes sentient. governor affleck bombards self with gamma rays to deal with problem. 2070: brainy bostonians solve energy crisis with invention of hybrid ostrich. golden era begins. 2100: alien race that founded boston finally returns, awaits report from sentry left behind.

Boston's Future, Illustrated

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