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FREE I N F O C U S VOL.10, NO.2 F O R P E O P L E OV E R More than 125,000 readers throughout Greater Baltimore Entrepreneurs have the edge FEBRUARY 2013 I N S I D E … PHOTO COURTESY OF JANICE MCLEAN By Carol Sorgen Some people are born with an entrepreneurial bent, while others decide after a lifetime of answering to someone else that it’s time to call their own shots. Whatever the reason, the number of older entrepreneurs is on the rise. In fact, the self-employment rate for adults 55 and older is 16.4 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Among the reasons cited for the growth — and success — of boomer (and older) business owners is accumulated capital, good credit, previous work and life experience, and a clear idea of what they have to offer the marketplace. 5 0 L E I S U R E & T R AV E L Exploring village life and wildlife in the heart of Africa; plus, this year’s top travel destinations For love of the sea For Captain Tom Hallock, that means taking his lifelong love of sailing and giving people the means to bury the cremated remains of their loved ones at sea. It’s a traditional form of burial, dating back thousands of years, according to Hallock. Through Life Beyond Sea Burial (, the 76year-old Roland Park resident and his crew help family members plan, arrange and conduct a memorial service at sea. (Services are provided for pets as well.) Hallock has been in love with boats since he was a youngster in Havre de Grace, building his first small sailboat with his brother when he was just 10 years old. Through the years, he bought and sold other boats, finally realizing his dream with the Princess Myrtle Kate, a 65-foot, five-level yacht said to have been owned previously by broadcasting legend Arthur Godfrey (who started his career in the Baltimore/Washington area). During the 1970s and ‘80s, Hallock lived on board, and would take then-Mayor William Donald Schaefer and city officials out for excursions. Other well-known passengers included TV newsmen Walter Cronkite and Roger Mudd, and various diplomats. In the ‘90s, however, Hallock was forced to sell his beloved boat because of financial difficulties. “It broke my heart,” he said. But while taking one last ride on the boat, he said he heard a voice in his ear saying, “life beyond.” “I looked around, but there was nobody page 22 Captain Tom Hallock talks with Janice McLean on her TV show “Entrepreneurs Edge,” which highlights area entrepreneurs and their work. About 16 percent of Americans 55 and older are self-employed. there,” Hallock said. He took the words, though, as a sign of what he should do next — help families bury their loved ones at sea. He was able to buy a new, smaller boat and thus began Life Beyond Sea Burial. Hallock will accept cremated remains and either perform a service on his own for a cost of $500, or perform a service with family present for $1,500. While he doesn’t perform that many burials at sea (around five a year), Hallock believes with the rising cost of funerals today, he is offering a service of which more and more people will take advantage. Still, he said he doesn’t do it for the money. “I used to make people happy by helping them celebrate weddings and anniversaries,” he said. “Now I’m making people happy for their loved ones.” ARTS & STYLE Recalling Baltimore’s old movie palaces; plus, a tour of the BMA’s newly renovated contemporary wing page 26 TV show for entrepreneurs Hallock and his entrepreneurial spirit were recently profiled on the television program “Entrepreneurs Edge,” produced by JMD Entertainment Group in Baltimore. The program, which is hosted by Janice McLean, herself an entrepreneur-turnedTV personality, features tips and tools, information and resource-sharing on how to start, grow and expand as an entrepreneur or small business owner. See ENTREPRENEURS page 21 FITNESS & HEALTH 3 k Stem cells mend failing hearts k Cooling heartburn LAW & MONEY 14 k Many types of investment risk k Good online banking options VOLUNTEERS & CAREERS k Volunteering with a friend 20 PLUS CROSSWORD, BEACON BITS, CLASSIFIEDS & MORE

February 2013 Baltimore Beacon Edition

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