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From The Library To The Newsroom A Tragic Look At The State Of Humanity Shark Has Major League Baseball Connection Your Complete Guide To Valentine’s Day Theo Karantsalis, an advocate for free speech, aims to protect students’ First Amendment rights. Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Biutiful delves into dark territory with nuanced characters. Ozney Guillen—son of Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen—looks for success with the Sharks in the new season. What not to do on Valentine’s Day and what the holiday means to us today. TURN TO NEWS, PAGE 7 TURN TO A&E, PAGE 10 TURN TO SPORTS, PAGE 13 TURN TO FORUM, PAGE 15 THE STUDENT NEWSPAPER AT MIAMI DADE COLLEGE  VOL. 1, ISSUE 8—FEB. 14, 2011 VISIT US ONLINE: WWW.MDC.EDU/THEREPORTER ODD JOBS SERIES The Art Of Play Physical Therapy Major Esquilo Preto is looking to advance his education to help increase the reach of Capoeira world-wide. By Gregory Castillo Pokémon ca rds, L egos a nd Bea n ie Babies t r igger play f u l childhood memories. But for Esquilo Preto, grappling sweeps, kicks, take-downs and esquivas (which literally translates to “escape’” a staple in Capoeiristas’ vocabulary) are the type of memories from his adolescences he brags about. GREGORY CASTILLO/ THE REPORTER Rhythmic Rivalry: Esquilo Preto (Right) plays a game of Jogo with Capoeira Luanda student Morgan Armstrong. Preto, 34, is a student at the Kendall Campus and hopes to spread the art and culture of Capoeira around the world. TURN TO CAPOEIRA, PAGE 9 TRAGEDY AT NORTH CAMPUS GET2MDC Student Killed In Hit-and-run Accident Carpooling Program Picks Up Steam 21-year-old Tyron Richemond was struck by a hit-and-run driver while waiting for a bus on Northwest 79th Street and 27th Avenue. By Monique O. Madan Miami Dade College North Campus student Tyron Richemond, 21, was killed on Feb. 1 by a hit-andrun driver. “My brother can’t be replaced. Anything else can be replaced, but not him. When I wake up he won’t be there anymore,” said his sister “My brother can’t be replaced. Anything else can be replaced, but not him. When I wake up he won’t be there anymore,” A carpooling program aimed at improving traffic flow and the environment will be offered at InterAmerican and Kendall Campus. By Kirsten Rincon Junia Richemond, 23. According to Miami-Dade Police Department reports, Richemond was at the bus stop on Northwest 79th Street and 27th Avenue when Rolando Aliaga, 48, swerved onto the sidewalk, struck him and another pedestrian and then attempted to flee the scene. Motorist Mark Brown, 49, used his pickup truck to force Aliaga off the roadway. “God put me there; it all happened so fast,” Brown said. “It was a passive way of getting him to stop. Anyone would have done it. That was a sad day for everyone.” Aliaga faces several charges, including leaving the scene of an accident involving death and serious bodily injuries, DUI manslaughter and careless driving, according to police reports. He is being held at the Miami-Dade County Correction Center with bond set at A Night Of Stars Check out who’ll be competing for the coveted Oscar in this year’s Academy Award nominees. TURN TO A&E, PAGE 11 —Junia Richemond, Tyrone’s sister TURN TO STUDENT DEATH, PAGE 9 INDEX: PLEASE RECYCLE BRIEFING 2-3 NEWS 5,7,9 A&E Got News? Let Us Know. Contact Us: (305) 237-1253 10-11 The “Get 2 MDC” program offered at Miami Dade College by the South Florida Commuter Service is expanding to the InterAmerican and Kendall Campuses. The program launched at Wolfson Campus during the fall semester; it has 26 registered carpoolers. The IAC has approved six preferential parking spaces for carpoolers”and Kendall Campus is expected to launch its program by the end of March or the beginning of April. “We are proud to assist the Earth Ethics department in promoting lifestyle changes that enhance our air quality and support our commitment toward a more sustainable future,” said Nelly Navarro, transportation demand management consultant for SFCS. To be eligible for the program, you have to be a MDC student or employee, have a car and a valid SPORTS 12-13 driver’s license and show proof of registration and insurance. Registration can be done at Once you’re registered, a parking permit is sent through the mail. It must be hung on a car mirror. Permits are valid for one semester. Two or more students must be in the car to participate and they must drive to campus at least three days a week. Special parking spaces are reserved for car pool participants. If the person assigned to pick you up does not show up, a backup plan exists. The Emergency Ride Home program (1-800-234-RIDE) is available 24 hours a day. Registered ERH program participants are allowed six free emergency rides per year. “We look forward to our participation during the ‘Green Fairs’ scheduled at the Kendall Campus on March 9 and at IAC on March 30,” Navarro said. FORUM 14-15 THE REPORTER IS THE FREE BIWEEKLY STUDENT NEWSPAPER AT MIAMI DADE COLLEGE. ALL CONTENT IS PRODUCED BY MDC STUDENTS. THE REPORTER IS A PUBLIC FORUM FOR EXPRESSION.

The Reporter, Vol. 1, Issue 8

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