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Free Help To Complete Tax Returns The Green Hornet Lets Down With Silly Acting Baseball Team Looks Toward Big Season Columnist Advocates For Staying Strapped Free Tax preparation will be offered at all eight campuses to those in need by the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program. Despite star-studded cast, The Green Hornet is a dud of a movie with sophomoric acting. After falling one win short of nationals, team hopes to improve on last season's accomplishments. Proposed Senate Bill 234 Would Make It Legal To Carry Guns on College Campuses. TURN TO BRIEFING, PAGE 2 TURN TO A&E, PAGE 11 TURN TO SPORTS, PAGE 13 TURN TO FORUM, PAGE 15 A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything. —Malcolm X THE STUDENT NEWSPAPER AT MIAMI DADE COLLEGE  VOL. 1, ISSUE 7—JAN. 31, 2011 VISIT US ONLINE: WWW.MDC.EDU/THEREPORTER STAFF SPOTLIGHT Professor Has Had Her Days In Court Kendall Campus professor doubles as a forensic psychologist, evaluating clients' competency to stand trial. By Monica Suarez But the chili isn’t the only thing that has remained the same. Monstrous portions of chili cheese fries and their infamous boiled hot dogs, w ith all the fixings, top off an otherwise unchanged menu with the exception of one or two new items. “In 48 years, all we’ve added are corn dogs and the ATM machine,” Casey said. Suzanne Mignone teaches psychology and student life skills at Kendall Campus; she has also spent many hours in jail. But if you see her in the hallways at Miami Dade College, don’t be alarmed — she hasn’t committed a crime. Mignone is a forensic psychologist, and when she’s not in the classroom, she spends most of her time at the Broward County Jail speaking with clients. Her clients range from those who have trespassing charges to others who are accused of firstdegree murder. In her 10 years in the field of forensic psychology, she has also worked on divorce cases, domestic violence cases, personal injury cases and immigration cases, among others. Mignone’s role is simple—to evaluate her clients and see if they are competent to stand trial. She also searches for possible defense strategies. TURN TO ARBETTER, PAGE 5 TURN TO MIGNONE, PAGE 7 The first incidents occurred on June 21 and June 30 at the ACCESS MEED Department. A total of 15 MacIntosh computers and an iTouch were stolen. “We have not encountered a robbery like this since 2002. We were just gearing up to have an open house at the end of the fall term,” said Kenneth Marquard, director of Access Disabilities Services at Wolfson Campus. “But then this happened. The computer lab was equipped with special software for our disabled students. We had to halt our program. We are currently waiting for approval to receive more equipment.” On Sept. 15, the computer courtyard, reported seven 20-inch computers and one 24-inch MacIntosh computer stolen. Then on Oct. 25, the computer courtyard was targeted again; seven MacIntosh computer screens were taken, according to City of Miami Police Department records. GREGORY CASTILLO/ THE REPORTER Dog Day Afternoon: Andy Lister, 22, readies an order for a customer. Andy, along with his brother Casey Lister, helps run Arbetter Hot Dogs, a prominent South Florida hot dog stand for over 48 years. The two brothers attend Miami Dade College's Kendall Campus. ODD JOBS SERIES Tradition, Served. By Gregory Castillo The funny signs and sports memorabilia are still around even though Bob Arbetter isn’t. He passed away in 2003, but Andy Lister and his brother, Casey Lister, have carried on the same ideas and principles that have kept Arbetter Hot Dogs open for 48 years: Treat employees and customers like family, and never change grandma’s secret chili recipe. Business majors Andy and Casey Lister are pursuing an education to improve their family's legendary business. Into the By Monique O. Madan CAMPUS CRIME DEEP A journey underwater with Bob Wallace TURN TO FOM SEA TO SEE, PAGE 9 Thieves Snatch Computers At Wolfson Thirty seven computers were stolen from Miami Dade College’s Wolfson Campus on six separate occasions during the summer and fall terms, according to Juan Mendieta, the College’s director of communications. City of Miami Police Department reports indicate that more than $60,000 in equipment was stolen from MDC during the incidents. The thefts happened between June 21 and Dec. 22 at the ACCESS MEED Department, the computer courtyard, and the Media Relations Department. There was no video surveillance. Six break-ins at Wolfson Campus' Media Relations, computer courtyard and ACCESS MEED Department result in a bank-busting situation for the College. INDEX: PLEASE RECYCLE BRIEFING 2-3 NEWS 5,7,9 A&E Got News? Let Us Know. Contact Us: (305) 237-1253 11 MORE THAN $60,000 IN ELECTRONICS THEFT AT WOLFSON CAMPUS SPORTS 12,13 FORUM TURN TO COMPUTER THEFTS, PAGE 5 14-15 THE REPORTER IS THE FREE BIWEEKLY STUDENT NEWSPAPER AT MIAMI DADE COLLEGE. ALL CONTENT IS PRODUCED BY MDC STUDENTS. THE REPORTER IS A PUBLIC FORUM FOR EXPRESSION.

The Reporter, Vol. 1, Issue 7

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