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North and West Campus’ Graduation Limited Collegiate Cadets Get A Taste Of Combat Due to the high number of students participating in the commencement ceremony, graduates will now receive two tickets instead of four. Students from the ROTC program simulated military maneuvers as part of Southern Strike Brigade’s annual Field Training Exercise. Veronica Fukunishi, outfielder for the Miami Dade College softball team, answers questions about her goals, aspirations and favorite sport. TURN TO TICKETS, PAGE 7 TURN TO ROTC, PAGE 8-9 TURN TO SPORTS, PAGE 11 Lady Shark Tells All Feminine Protagonists Invade The Silver Screen Films Hanna and Sucker Punch take viewers on an action-packed adventure. TURN TO CHICK FLICKS, PAGE 13 ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTER HERE. FINALS ARE NEAR. 4VOL. 1, ISSUE 12—APRIL 11, 2011 VISIT US ONLINE: WWW.MDC.EDU/THEREPORTER ARTS AND LETTERS DAY Pop Art Arts & Letters Day at Kendall Campus featured art and performances from students, faculty, and professionals. By Mark Pulaski Punk Prince: Stooges frontman Iggy Pop was the keynote speaker for the 19th Annual Arts & Letters Day. MARK PULASKI / THE REPORTER JAPAN DISASTER A pink dragon lies motionless on the floor, smoke billowing through its nostrils. A stormtrooper, clad in white body armor, guards over a pair of dreadlocked students. A well-dressed lion sits in the middle of the crowd, it’s wide eyes observing all the commotion. This is no fantasy land, it is the Fred Shaw Plaza at Kendall Campus. These creations are all part of the festivities incorporated into Arts & Letters Day. Arts & Letters Day—now in its 19th year—is a “faculty driven, grassroots event” designed to celebrate artistic expression. This year’s event ran from April 5 through April 7. “It’s more than a festival,” said Richard Rose, music director for the event. “Its purpose is to remove the barriers between artists and audiences.” Since it’s inception in 1993, Arts & Letters Day has featured such keynote speakers as filmmaker Spike Lee, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Leonard Pitts Jr., and author/journalist Carl Bernstein— most famous for his role in uncovering the Watergate scandal. Program Director Marta Magellan is proud to have such heralded professionals on hand to share their experience with the students at Kendall Campus. Magellan notes that because the campus is so far from the typical art scene in Downtown Miami for example, Arts & Letters Day proTURN TO POP ART, PAGE 12 SGA VOTING Disaster In Japan Touches SGA Officer Elections Set To Take Place Close To Home Court Yukie Futami, a defensive specialist on the MDC women’s volleyball team, explains how the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami affected her family in Japan and herself in Miami. By Gregory Castillo GREGORY CASTILLO/ THE REPORTER From Japan, With Love: Yukie Futami, 20, a defensive specialist for the Miami Dade College women’s volleyball team, is looking to pick up the pieces after tragedy struck her homeland of Japan. When the phone rang at 2 a.m. on March 11, Yukie Futami didn’t think much of it. “I thought, ‘what the hell’?” said Futami, 20, a defensive specialist on the Miami Dade College women’s volleyball team. “I hung up and went back to sleep.” Everything would soon change. The next morning, Futami’s phone was bombarded with text messages, phone calls and Facebook notifications. Her homela nd—Japa n—had been struck with 9.0 magnitude TURN TO JAPAN, PAGE 5 INDEX: PLEASE RECYCLE BRIEFING 2-3 NEWS 5,7,8-9 SPORTS Got News? Let Us Know. Contact Us: (305) 237-1253 11 Student Government Association elections will be held at all MDC campuses April 11-13. By Monique O. Madan Miami Dade College students will soon get to cast their votes. Student Government Association elections for all eight MDC campuses will be held on April 11 though April 13. A ll registered MDC students can place their ballots at their respective home campuses with a valid MDC identification card. Students are also given the option of voting online at the student portal section of the MDC website. Open positions include president, vice president, secretar y, treasurer, public relations director and government relations director. Elected positions vary by campus. Elect ion resu lts w i l l be a nA&E 12,13 FORUM nounced on April 14. Elected candidates will take office during the summer term. For more information contact your Student Government Association offices. SGA VOTING To find out more about elections, call your campus’ SGA office. —————————————————— North...................... T (305) 237-1644 —————————————————— Kendall.................. T (305) 237-2722 —————————————————— Wolfson................ T (305) 237-3536 —————————————————— InterAmerican......... T (305) 237-6163 —————————————————— West.................... T (305) 237-8904 —————————————————— Medical Center..... T (305) 237-4209 —————————————————— Hialeah............... T (305) 237-8736 —————————————————— Homestead.......... T (305) 237-5065 —————————————————— 15 THE REPORTER IS THE FREE BIWEEKLY STUDENT NEWSPAPER AT MIAMI DADE COLLEGE. ALL CONTENT IS PRODUCED BY MDC STUDENTS. THE REPORTER IS A PUBLIC FORUM FOR EXPRESSION.

The Reporter, Vol. 1, Issue 12

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