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SPORTS • PAGE 6 LIFE & ARTS • PAGE 9 OU to face Tech in tournament Band to release 13th album Aaryn Ellenberg (shown left) and the OU women’s basketball team will face the Texas Tech Lady Raiders today in the Big 12 tournament. John Darnielle (shown right) and The Mountain Goats will celebrate their 20th year as a band by releasing the band’s 13th full-length album March 29. The University of Oklahoma’s independent student voice since 1916 Wednesday, March 9, 2011 Free — additional copies 25¢ Rising costs to increase tuition Construction of new buildings ending, utilities and healthcare costs increasing JARED RADER The Oklahoma Daily OU President David Boren continued to indicate tuition will increase next fall on Tuesday, citing rising employee health insurance costs and high utility payments for campus buildings. Though he said the construction of new buildings on campus is ending — more than 15 buildings have been built or refurbished since his appointment in 1995 — new buildings mean the university must make utility payments long after construction is complete. Coupled with the rising costs of university employee health care and lagging state funds, administrators have increased tuition about 6.4 percent on average annually from 2006 to 2011, Chris Kuwitzky, associate vice president and OU chief financial officer, said in an e-mail. Boren has overseen the completion of nearly $1.8 billion in construction projects since he began his presidency in 1995, according to the Airlines promise graduates interviews SEE TUITION PAGE 2 OU agrees to direct-hiring program with two airlines MEGAN LAWSON BALLET | DANCERS REHEARSE PERFORMANCE The Oklahoma Daily HELEN GRANT/THE DAILY Ballerinas practice Fandango on Monday evening at the Fine Arts Center. Amanda McKerrow and John Gardner are visiting choreographers at the OU School of Dance and are responsible for the staging of Fandango. For a complete preview, see page 9. CART to alter routes during spring break Seniors gear up for graduation The Cleveland Area Rapid Transit buses will begin operating on an alternate schedule Monday because of spring break. The affected routes are Lindsey East, Lindsey West, Campus Loop, Research Shuttle and Lloyd Noble Center. • The Lindsey East and Lindsey West routes change from a 30-minute service to a 60-minute service • The Lloyd Noble Center and Research shuttles will combine and operate on a 30-minute plan • The Campus Loop route will not run during spring break “CART runs on an alternate schedule anytime the university is closed because many of our routes are run to get students to and from campus,” Vicky Holland, Parking and Transit spokeswoman, said. The alternate schedule is used to conserve resources so CART can operate efficiently, according to the CART Route Schedule and Transit Guide. CART typically operates 14 buses during the busiest part of the day, but that number dips to eight during peak hours while running on an alternate schedule format, Holland said. The number of riders also declines during this period, Holland said. About 7,000 people ride CART shuttles per day, but about 1,500 passengers use the service during an alternate-schedule period. For more information about CART’s scheduling change, visit Students can purchase graduation announcements, take year book photos at event — Tyler Thomas/The Daily CARMEN FORMAN The Oklahoma Daily The university’s Graduation Office is preparing seniors for graduation through its Graduation Gear-Up. The event runs until Friday and takes place today from 9 a.m. to noon and from Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Oklahoma Memorial Union’s Beaird Lounge. Graduation Gear-Up occurs in October and March each year, University Bookstore general manager Misty Broughton said. The event is intended to make graduation easier for out-going seniors, said Danielle Lindley, Graduation Office member. In addition to graduation gear, graduates can get information Graduation gear cost » Bachelor’s package — cap, gown and tassel $36 » Master’s package — cap, gown, tassel and hood $60 An agreement with two airlines will assist aviation graduate students in finding jobs by providing guaranteed interviews, the aviation director said. The OU Department of Aviation completed a directhire agreement with American Eagle Airlines and Pinnacle Airlines, said Max Westheimer Airport Aviation Director Ken Carson. The agreement contracts guarantee students interviews with the airlines, and the airlines can directly hire graduates without interviews. Pinnacle Airlines’ agreement was completed Feb. 18 and American Eagle Airlines’ agreement on Feb. 28. The university or the airlines may terminate the direct-hiring arrangement at any time, according to the agreements. “The University of Oklahoma is one of only two schools in the country that has this type of agreement,” Carson said. “The other agreement is at Western Michigan University.” Other universities’ knowledge of these agreements has been limited due to unspoken competition for jobs after graduation, Carson said. OU does not necessarily want Oklahoma State University, which also has an aviation program, to know about the hiring agreement, Carson said. Aerospace engineering junior Michael Johnson said he had not heard anything about the direct-hire agreement until he received an e-mail about it from the department. Johnson wants to be a test pilot, and said the agreements with the airlines are a great career opportunity for some students. — Source: Graduation Office website SEE AVIATION PAGE 3 SEE GRADUATION PAGE 3 New professors bring curriculum diversity Brazil, South Asia, Iran will be focus of new international studies courses JIYEUN HEO The Oklahoma Daily The Department of International and Area Studies has added three faculty members intended to broaden the scope of the department’s disciplinary reach. Two assistant professors were hired to focus on Brazilian and South Asian studies, and an associate professor was hired to specialize in Iranian studies. In recent years, exit interviews conducted with students majoring in international and area studies have featured requests for a more diverse curriculum, said Mark Frazier, Department of International and Area Studies director. To satisfy these requests, the department has decided to hire the new faculty members with funds from the president’s office and a A LOOK AT WHAT’S ON Student Congress passed a resolution stating its support for the 2011 U.S. Foreign Aid package Mariam Mufti Erika Larkins gift fund from the Farzaneh family, Frazier said. “Once the faculties are hired, I believe this department of international and area studies will be one of the biggest and most prestigious colleges in the region,” international and area studies professor Alan McPherson said. The College of International Studies was approved in January and has 18 faculty members, eight of whom are fully appointed to the Department of International and THE OKLAHOMA DAILY VOL. 96, NO. 111 © 2011 OU Publications Board Emily Koepsel Area Studies. The department also shares 10 faculty members with the political science, economics or history departments, Frazier said. The number of students in the program is growing, said Zach Messitte, College of International Studies dean. “We needed more faculty to keep our class sizes small,” Messitte said. “Also, we wanted to hire more people who are in the critical areas that students wanted.” Each year, search committee WHAT’S INSIDE Campus ................. Classifieds ............. Life & Arts .............. Opinion ................. Sports ................... 2 8 9 4 6 members place job advertisements in major professional publications and on websites of professional associations to spread the word about hiring positions within the department, said Robin Grier, economics and international and area studies professor. The committee also sends letters to major area studies centers with programs in South Asia, Latin America, Iran or the Middle East, Frazier said. Once the job advertisements have been placed, the committee reviews all applications prior to the meeting, during which they narrow the list of potential hires to three or four applicants for each position, Frazier said. After the most recent review process, the three new faculty members chosen to teach in the fall 2011 semester are Erika Robb Larkins from Brazil, specializing in anthropology, Emily Rook-Koepsel, specializing in history and India, and Mariam Mufti, specializing in political science and Iran. TODAY’S WEATHER 62°| 35° Tomorrow: Sunny, high of 69 degrees

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