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THE HILL NEWS e s t a b l i s h e d i n 1 9 1 1 at s t . l aw r e n c e u n i v e r s i t y FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2013 VOLUME CXXVII, ISSUE 8 WWW.THEHILLNEWS.ORG Whitewater Park to Boost Canton Tourism SLU NEWS SPECIAL DOUBLE ISSUE The Hill News has expanded to sixteen pages of student journalistic goodness. Get in there, get reading, and send us your feedback at By PEGEEN STONE GUEST WRITER Light it up! At the Diwali Festival of Lights Saturday Nov. 9 at 5pm in Eben Holden. The five-day Hindu celebration is a bright display of food, dancing, and parties. Shake, Rattle, & Roll at Java tonight at 10pm with returning funky favorite THUNDERBODY. Dance it out! This day in history: German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen is the first to use X-rays in 1895. The original peeping Tom? GRAPHIC BY AMY YAO F irst coined in the 1980s, “divestment” campaigns are gaining steam thoughout the country, this time focusing on the fossil fuel industry. SLU’s recent campaign is working to divest the school from its holding in the fossil fuel industry and reinvest in socially responsible funds. Inside on page 6, THE HILL NEWS hears from EAO about the national campaign. @thehillnews Like us on Facebook! By EMILY MULVIHILL STAFF WRITER This past Saturday, SLU students took part in the Mexican celebration of Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos). This holiday is celebrated throughout Mexico on November 1st and 2nd to remember and celebrate family and friends members who have passed. Certain vigils also occur on the last day of October. The first day is a celebration for infants who have died before reaching adulthood and the second day is set aside to remember adults who have passed. There are many traditions connected with the holiday, such as the creation of ofrendas, or private altars which honor the dead through offerings of their favor- Contents: SEE PARK, PAGE 6 Mexican Tradition, Culture Celebrated at SLU HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY TO OUR EDITOR-INCHIEF AMY YAO! We’ve gone digital! Check us out on the-hill-news Could a white water park be a tourist destination? St. Lawrence County brought in Scott Shipley and the S20 Engineering and Design of Lyons, CO to conduct studies about potentially building a whitewater park. The park is proposed for the Grasse River and locations in Colton as well as Potsdam. Shipley, a three-time slalom canoe world champion and former Olympian, Opinions pg. 2 News pg. 4 Features pg. 8 A&E pg. 12 Sports pg. 15 ite foods and beverages, along with marigolds and sugar skulls. Families also visit the graves of those who have passed away, leaving gifts as well as possessions of the deceased. While many of these traditions can be found throughout Mexico, each state does have a slightly different way of celebrating the holiday. Adilson Gonzales ‘16, an international student from Mexico, said that “In the central region of Mexico, people are more spiritual and go to the cemetery and they spend the night there. In my state, it’s celebrated more through contests for the best altars to people or the best calaveras,” he continued. Here at SLU there were no competitions but students performed and listened to weekend weather today 40 27 LEXI BECKWITH / MANAGING EDITOR SLU students gathered in the Dean Eaton formal lounge early Saturday morning to prepare a colorful altar similar to those found in Mexico during Day of the Dead celebrations, complete with the traditional marigold flowers, calaveras, and brightly colored flags depicting different stages of celebration. traditional music and tasted traditional food such as tamales. One of the songs, La llorona (Weeping Woman), centers around the traditional Mexican tale of a woman who falls saturday sunday 42 34 45 28 madly in love with a man with whom she has children. After childbirth, the man stops loving her and leaves. SEE DEAD, PAGE 7 In This Issue: Getting help after sexual assault, page 2 Geothermal wells completed for new dorm, page 5 SLU’s social media strategy, page 8 The puzzling “single senior” phenomenon, page 10 Book review: The Warded Man, page 12

November 8, 2013

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