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FRONT ROW SEATS Front row tickets to any concert? Who would the Golden Eagles want to see most? POPCORN BUCKET LIST Five movies student-athletes and staff would choose if they were stuck on a 15-hour flight THE OFFICIAL ONLINE IT’S IN THE BAG What student-athletes just cannot live withont on their road trips MAGAZINE OF TENNESSEE TECH unlimited FIGHTING FOR HIS FUTURE Oleksiy Arovin is currently the only Tennessee Tech student from Ukraine. He’s here, in part, because his girlfriend’s favorite color is purple. He’s worried about her, his family and friends back home. Plus... * * * * * * * Summer Camping This Day in Tech History An Inspirational Playbook Shelf Life Fresh Faces Of Interest... Senior Moments ...and some great photos March / April 2014 Volume 2, Issue 3 ATHLETICS

Unlimited march april 2014

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