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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2013 • GALLATIN NEWS EXAMINER 1C THE BATTLE AGAINST BREAST CANCER A special section of the Gallatin News Examiner and The Hendersonville Star News in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month WOMAN’S CANCER BATTLE IS INSPIRATION TO OTHERS INSIDE 2C Convenience store worker Janice Smith keeps upbeat attitude Early diagnosis key to fighting cancer 3C By Dessislava Yankova Sumner County Publications Janice Smith is an inspiration to the customers who line up at 5 a.m. for the food she cooks at a convenience store in Hendersonville, not just because she can whip up tasty sandwiches, but because she refuses to give up in the face of a serious illness. For months after her April breast cancer diagnosis, customers would show up at the market wearing pink bandanas while she wore a red one to match her work uniform. They took so many pictures with her that the photos covered an entire wall. And when radiation treatments made her hair fall out, she approached it with humor, comparing herself to the antithesis of a wellknown character with bushy red locks. “She called herself ‘Backward Bozo the Clown’ because her hair was completely the opposite of his,” said Kandice Dixon, who lives with Smith. Hospital helps guide patients through each step 4C Hair shops step in when locks begin to fall out 5C Keeping an appointment saved this woman’s life Janice Smith, who is battling breast cancer, cooks at the Twice Daily in Hendersonville, where colleagues say she’s a blessing. DESSISLAVA YANKOVA/SUMNER COUNTY PUBLICATIONS “She laughed at it all. And she has joked about the whole thing.” Smith shaved her head in July with the help of her daughter. A chunk fell out on its own without the help of the razor, but Smith saw it as less work for everyone. “I said, ‘Well, I guess you don’t have to hit that spot.’ I say laugh; it’s better than crying, and I figure, since it grows back, there’s nothing really to freak out about,” she said. “Just bring a bandana, wear a wig and go about your day.” It’s an attitude Smith has embraced all her life, even before she 6C Local nurse’s self-exam catches cancer twice 7C Health centers offer comprehensive care » INSPIRATION, 3C The fight against cancer begins with you. TN-0000939841

The Battle Against Breast Cancer

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