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OCTOBER 2012  TISHRI/HESHVAN 5773 VOL. 68 NO 8 WWW.TEMPLEMENORAH.ORG from the massive budget cuts made to our state schools in the last five years. RABBI In the same sermon I challenged our congregation to personally get more involved with community projects, particularly in the area of mentoring at-risk children. Our own Tikkun Olam-Social Action Committee (TOSAC) is partnering with the prestigious Children’s Law Center (whose CEO is our member Leslie Heimov) to offer mentor training. Every school district has programs to place community volunteers with individual children as math and English tutors. As the People of the Book how can we tolerate the waste of a child’s mind? For additional information please email Do Not Separate Yourself from the Needs of the Community Al Tifrosh Min HaTzibbur (Pirke Avot) Steven L. Silver, Rabbi Dear Friends, On Yom Kippur I challenged our congregation to get more involved in Jewish activism in various ways; specifically with regard to Israel advocacy. I believe that it is essential to visit Israel so we can see for ourselves what is at stake. As I said in my Kol Nidre sermon, as long as we have not personally walked Israel’s streets, tasted its food, drunk its water, smelled its soil, Israel is an idea only, not a reality. How can we claim to love Israel when we have not made the effort to experience Israel personally? To that end, Cantor Jessica and I will be leading a Temple Menorah Mission to Israel this July. Further information will be available on-line soon. On Yom Kippur morning I focused on the terrible situation of our public school system, which has the highest student-teacher ratio of all 50 states and is 47th in per pupil funding. How can that be when California is by far the richest state of the 50! I urge you to look at Proposition 30 this November 6th which will restore a portion of the Lastly, we have arranged for the two major candidates for the newly apportioned 33rd congressional district to meet with our congregation. Businessman and community activist Bill Bloomfield (I) will address the congregation on Saturday, October 13 and will speak about the Genesis of a Political Activist. Thank you Harvey & Joan Roth and Gerry & Valerie Hale for co-chairing this program. Congressman Henry Waxman (D) will address the congregation on Friday, October 19 and will speak about Iran and the Oil Embargo. Thank you Rascha Hall (chair) and Geoff Hirsch, Cliff Numark and Nelson Zager co-chairs of this Program. Please join us for our first Community Shabbat Dinner of 5773 following the service. There is a $22 per person fee for the dinner with reservations before October 9 ($30 ppn from October 10). Reservations should be made with Paola at

October 2012 Menorah Message

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