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E D U C ATO R G U I D E This Educators Guide was designed for use in conjunction with field trips to the New York Accents exhibition, or for use as a stand‐alone classroom resource. The materials included here contain curriculum connections aligned with Common Core and Georgia Professional Standards for 5th grade Visual Arts, Language Arts, and Social Studies, but are adaptable for use at other grade levels. Brooklyn Bridge in Winter, Childe Hassam, 1904. I Love Liberty, Roy Lichtenstein, 1982. The New York Accents exhibition brings together a wide variety of works that demonstrates the Telfair‟s, and Savannah‟s, various connections to New York over the last 200 years. Though the cities seem vastly different—a sprawling Northern metropolis and a relatively quiet Southern burg—the cities have long shared a love of art and culture, each city housing some of the country‟s oldest major museums. The story begins with the Telfair family, who often visited and bought decorative arts from New York and other northern hubs. Over the years the relationship grew, with the development of the Telfair‟s Savannah Art Club in the 1920s, attracting New York artists, and with prominent members of the art community like Gari Melchers and Kirk Varnedoe maintaining strong ties to both cities. The artworks collected here, whether depicting the New York, made there, or created by artists working in its schools and studios, each convey an aspect of the special connection these two historic cities share.

New York Accents Educator Guide

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