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FREE s Friday, April 4, 2014 SPECIAL SECTION INSIDE! A7 THUNDERBIRDS NUCLEAR COWBOYZ B1 Y @6<9 *644<50;@ 5,>:7(7,9  @,(9:6-:,9=0*, +(--6+037(9(+,4(2,:0;:>(@ ;/96<./-6<9*0;0,:;/0:>,,2,5+ WHAT’S RIGHT ųWITH TACOMA ;OL3\JR`>VTHU»Z .\PKL[V)YLHZ[ *HUJLY!*OLTPJHS >HYMHYL*HSLUKHY ,KP[PVU By Kathleen Merryman PHOTO COURTESY OF DAFFODIL FESTIVAL -36>,9.093: After participating in over 6,000 hours of community service, and making 250 public appearances throughout Pierce County, the Daffodil Queen and her court of princesses are ready for the big parade day. By Savannah Fry 2014 Daffodil Festival Princesses. When asked what she is most excited for about Parade Day, Princess Lydia Mangan, from Henry Foss High School, responded, “Everything!” What in particular has her so enthusiastic? “Seeing everyone who came to watch... Not everyone likes to sit out in the cold… but a crowd that does so, and is happy about it, will definitely make my day!” Princess Delaney Fry, from Stadium High School, is looking forward to seeing some familiar faces along the parade routes, as well. “On parade day, I’m most excited to see my family out in the crowds. They’ve been so supportive of me throughout this entire process, and having them out there, cheering me on as I’m on top of the world, is just Correspondent A s April begins and daffodils are seen growing in abundance, Pierce County is reminded that it is once again time to celebrate its unique agricultural heritage with the 81st Annual Daffodil Grand Floral Parade taking place Saturday, April 5. More than 150 participating organization and their floats, cars, motorcycles, and more will wind through the four Pierce County cities of Tacoma, Puyallup, Sumner, and Orting, just as they have been for over the past 80 years. And, similar to years past, it seems like no one is quite as excited for Parade Day as the 25 young women serving their year as going to be the icing on the cake.” Same goes for Princess Nina Thach, from Mt. Tahoma High School, who knows how invested her community is the parade, regardless of the inclement that sometimes coincides with the event. “This parade is going to be big! A lot of my friends and family, and supporters from Mount Tahoma, will be coming whether it’s rain or shine.” In fact, the often unpredictable weather seems to be a recurring theme in what the princesses are least worried about. It’s the crowds – those fans of the festival that can be found throughout Pierce County – that matter the most. “I am so excited to see all the smiling X See DAFFODIL / page A12 Keep a chemo calendar, my husband told me. Log your treatments, he said, and every day, note how you feel. That way, he said, we’ll get the pattern of how the drugs hit my body. We’ll be able to predict how I’ll feel. We’ll have a sense of what I can eat, when I have the energy to write, and when we can try a walk. It’s the best advice anyone has given me since I started on chemotherapy in February. Naturally, I did not follow it. I was a doof, and I regret not bothering to build what could have been one of the most valuable tools in managing my response to the effects of chemo. I did not recognize that chemo would shift my status with my own body from owner to observer, and that I would need every bit of predictive data I could muster. Welcome to “The Lucky Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer, Chemical Warfare Calendar Edition.” Chemotherapy, as every nurse, doctor and pharmacist who gets the drugs into us will tell you, is always improving. So are the drugs that mitigate its effect on us. But the basic tactic remains the same: It goes after greedy, fast-dividing X See CANCER / page A12 ;5;(+=,9;0:05. )<5+3,:*65;05<, ;60929,:0+,5;: By Steve Dunkelberger SISTER CITIES MEET :;(+0<4/0./:*/663:0.5:,?*/(5., (.9,,4,5;>0;/1(7(5,:,/0./:*/663 By Derek Shuck Students from Stadium High School got a look into Eastern culture when they welcomed a contingent of Japanese students from Tacoma’s sister city Kitakyushu, Japan to celebrate a new contract for exchange programs between Stadium and Kitakyushu High School. The contract signing was held at the Hampton Hotel in Lakewood on March 27 and was a celebration of both American and Japanese culture, with host families exchanging gifts with their Japanese exchange students who had visited for the past week. The delegates were sent off with a swirl of cultural fusion, a mix of pizza and sushi serving as dinner for the event. The contract stating that exchange programs would take place was signed by Stadium Principal Kevin Ikeda and Kitakyushu Kocho Sensei Kobayashi. “I think the foreign exchange programs are important for our students because of the nature of the global economy and the kids are not only going to be facing competition within the state, within the classrooms, but globally and we see that in even the high end fields. We see it in electricians, engineers, entrepreneurs and researchers,” Ikeda said. “When other countries are supplying cheaper labor with higher skill, we’re in a different business operation environment, so knowledge and understanding of that is critical. Understanding cultural differences when in business, the only way to do that is to learn someone’s culture and understand that.” PHOTOS BY TERRY SPUCK Principal Ikeda (right) and Kocho Sensei Kobayashi came together to make the exchange program between schools official. The set-up will bring Kitakyushu students to Tacoma one year, and Tacoma students to Kitakyushu the next. The amount of time the students spend in the sister city will vary depending on available scheduling and finances. X See SISTER / page A10 HERB GODDESS HOROSCOPE 3PUKX\PZ[ *HTWHPNU 2PJRVMM A2 WASHINGTON’S MOST WANTED: Who killed Tacoma father of five in 1994? PAGE A3 9VSSLY +LYI` A7 ARIES (March 21 – April 19) This may be a fast-past week, full of change. You may feel that you have had enough, but know that there are reasons for these changes that will come to light in the next few weeks. Avoid hasty decisions for the sake of liberation. Daily tasks help to keep you grounded. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20) Those restless feelings inside of you are trying to tell you something. Something may happen soon that affects relationships in the next coming weeks. The universe may be hinting that this may be the end of the outdated that no longer serves you. Find answers to the obvious. GEMINI (May 21 – June 20) A creative project may take you to places you have never been before. Your energy is high and ready to take on the upcoming changes. Your inner strength relies on balance so stay in touch with your daily routine. Venus in your home zone brings peace. CANCER (June 21 – July 22) Career matters may bring unexpected changes this week. You may feel like you want to take matters in your own hands and fed up with others’ lack of follow through. Be respectful of tender feelings and take baby steps. LEO (July 23 – August 22) Create a compromise from your feelings to expand your horizons and keeping in touch with tedious responsibilities. Take some time and not hurry things. Change is coming but in its own time. Explore your potential. VIRGO (August 23 – September 22) Financial issues are on your mind this week as you wait for answers on a loan or project. Tread with care and don’t overextend yourself. Stress and anxiety can burn out our inner batteries. Research your options. Pothole Pig ...............A2 Crime Stoppers.........A3 LIBRA (September 23 – October 22) Have that important conversation this week with that person that needs to hear your side of the story. You may feel feisty and not in the mood to compromise. Once you give in you will realize that it was for the best. It’s all about the little things. SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21) Worry and stress can weigh us down at times. Relax tensions with daily exercise, meditation and yoga. Your mood will be lifted as you immerse yourself in routine. Write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal or notebook. Smiling is contagious. WORD SEARCH E R H B A C J I E N J D A R J U X K Y L S N A K E L A K E Z M R I D A S N Q C H A R T E R Y N M V U L H D M B M N F X E T A G L O H X J S R N U C L E A R C O W B O Y Z M E O G O O Z S T A B L E S Z I W Y K C T C I R T S I D Y R E W E R B A E T X R E G R E B L E K N U D M H R M G R B W P R K M L V Z O H O S D T E L P A N T A G E S E T T V E L H S P U Y A L L U P R I V E R K O U Q R U J O G Y W A Z S R Q D A G E D A F R I T M O G T H B O P H T K F F R E I G H T H O U S E M S F Q B N O X N Q S F G X J M X Q D H J S T A C O M A D O M E W R L SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21) Routines and responsibilities take center stage this week. You may come up with a brilliant idea that makes your life easier. Love and relationships bring surprises, so expect the unexpected. Stay in touch with those around you. Work may be full of interruptions so you may benefit from having a backup plan. You plan meetings and make your deadlines with determination. Take some time to enjoy outdoor activities. Smell the fresh spring air. AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18) Tensions may escalate this week making you feel like taking action. Release your inner stresses to help you make the appropriate decisions. Meditation or yoga may help to relieve anxiety. Find out what’s best for you. PISCES (February 19 – March 20) Financial decisions will be highlighted this week. You can no longer escape the unavoidable. Spending more won’t make it better. Come up with a plan of action to accomplish your goals and relieve the stress. As Venus enters your sign you will find more inner peace and have a better outlook. ANAGRAM NUCLEAR COWBOYZ F S B C U L T U R E C O R N E R U /VYVZJVWL ^VYKZLHYJO HUKTVYL B6 The News Tribune’s practice of delivering bundles of advertisements in clear and pink bags throughout selected zip codes around Tacoma has moved to include suburban areas, prompting another round of complaints about the bundles collecting on streets, sidewalks and around empty houses. Jim Emley first spotted the advertisements outside his University Place home in late February. He said he called TNT Publisher David Zeeck to get placed on the “opt out” list so that the bundles wouldn’t litter his lawn and announce to burglars that he wasn’t home. “Usually when the publisher of a newspaper wants something, things got done,” Emley said. The delivery of bundles continued. Emley said he has made eight different calls and emails requesting the end of the bundles appearing on his lawn, but the bagged advertisements continued to be tossed in his yard every week since. “Every weekend, there it is again,” Emley said. “Systematically, they can’t control it. They are destined to fail. I like David Zeeck. I really do. I’ll give a guy like that X See TNT / page A10 Facebook: Twitter: @Tacomaweekly Tumblr: Pinterest: Flickr:ÁLFNUFRPWDFRPDZHHNO\ Sports ........................A7 Make A Scene ........B5 A&E ....................... ....B1 Calendar ................. B6 Look for daily updates online! Two Sections | 22 Pages

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