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All-City All-City Boys Boys Basketball Basketball Team Team A7 FREE s Friday, March 21, 2014 MITCH REEMS BENEFIT SHOW MITCH REEMS 2, CANCER 0 A2 Pothole pig’s B1 POTHOLE Y YOUR COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER - 26 YEARS OF SERVICE WHAT’S RIGHT LOCAL LAW SCHOOL DISCUSSIONS ųWITH TACOMA FACE TOUGH BATTLE FOR FUNDING ATTITUDE, By Steve Dunkelberger A line item on current versions of the next state budget contain the allocation of $400,000 of taxpayer dollars to provide seed money for the development of a law school at the University of Washington Tacoma campus. The idea of a law school in the 253 area code has been talked about ever since University of Puget Sound sold its downtown Tacoma law school to Seattle University in 1999, prompting a move to the Emerald City. A steering committee to aid the effort formed last spring, however. The state budget item is the first concrete move to changing that, but it might not survive budget discussions and would also require millions of dollars of other funding to get the law school plans moving forward. Cost of starting a law school X See UWT / page A12 EVERYONE SAYS, COUNTS MORE THAN YOU THINK DAMMEIER O’BAN VOTERS SET TO DECIDE PARKS BOND NEXT MONTH VOTE SET FOR APRIL 22 HUNDREDS OF PROJECTS FUNDED By Steve Dunkelberger W ith promises of park improvements around the city on a $198 million bond set to face voters on April 22, the effort to convince voters to tax themselves is underway. Expect mailers, signs and advertisements as well as a roster of meetings at community groups in the coming weeks. “We have many groups we are doing direct outreach with,” MetroParks of Tacoma spokeswoman Nancy Johnson said. “But we are quite open to talk with any group that wants us to come out.” The bond would fund hundreds of projects around the some 3,000 acres of parks land within Tacoma as well as toward renovations at MetroParks’ Northwest Trek in Eatonville. The work is roughly split among three areas, with about $60 million for each project. The total amount is less than half of what parks officials listed, about $500 million in needed improvements. The bond would cost for the average homeowner, with an assessed property value of $171,000, about $8 per month for 10 years, or about $96 a year added to their property tax collections. Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium will see about $64 million in improvements to replace the 50-year-old aquarium, as well as renovate the Polar Bear and Rocky Shores exhibit improvements. Parking, event spaces and landscaping will also get improved. Another three-way slice of the total bond pack- X See PARKS / page A12 PHOTOS COURTESY OF METRO PARKS PARKS. A $198 million bond would cost residents about $1,000 spread over 10 years if it passes on April 22 and fund improvements to parks facilities around the city as well as at Northwest Trek. HERB GODDESS HOROSCOPE Vennie Murphy 5k A6 TED BROWN MUSIC OUTREACH: Louie G.’s Pizza to host benefit to help put musical instruments into students’ hands. PAGE B2 Baseball Preview A7 Pothole Pig ...............A2 Crime Stoppers.........A3 ARIES (March 21 – April 19) Take some time this week to tune into your heart’s desire. You will be more in touch with your intuition as Mercury moves into Pisces. Guidance will come to you when you most need it. Your energy will be high if you avoid draining distractions. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20) You are socially well connected. Your free-spirited friends will help you learn to relax and go more with the flow. Take some time to reflect on past wins and losses to help you progress in achieving your current goals. This weekend may lead to an exciting romantic encounter. Be ready for anything. GEMINI (May 21 – June 20) Your goal this week is to maintain clarity and focus. Make lists to keep your plans at full attention and get feedback from trusted sources. Networking with others will be a benefit. Social activities will keep you busy and may lead to romance. LIBRA (September 23 – October 22) Consider making some healthy life changes this week. Research the latest health news, diets and exercise techniques. Make your own wellness routine that you can realistically stick to. Treat yourself to a massage or spa day with a friend. SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21) Our words influence those around us so be convincing. Share your ideas with others. Do your research before starting a new diet or health routine. Start slowly so you don’t burn yourself out. WORD SEARCH I N Z I W S F R R E W V R V R F H B I G W H E E L S T U N T S H O W Z N E V E N I N G M A G A Z I N E W B X H I H J F F R E K B R J M O L I N C O L N D R H W V E T O B K W I J L G M J N W Q Y D X R I K T B T P O T H O L E F R Z W D Z V T F P I G B G Q N R W Z C L N Y S M B S A M O C A T D L C W N O X D E W Z F S N A M Y R R E M V B K J D S S K R A P K L K X C G Z F U X Z M U E S U M T R A A M O C A T G Y R E G R E B L E K N U D L T J K V I Z V L D R L L L I X U N I S F Y SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21) Practical results come from innovative thinking. Answers to questions you have been worrying about may come to you that affect your romantic or professional possibilities. Spice up your romantic life with a fun adventure. CANCER (June 21 – July 22) Plan your summer vacation now while you are in the mood for travel and exploring new experiences. You may be tempted to learn about topics that inspire your personal awareness or expand your spiritual views. Take a one step at a time approach. CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19) Acts of kindness could go a long way. Remember to also be kind to yourself and to those close to you. You have been busy working hard, so take some time to relax to help you put things into perspective. Unwind with friends. LEO (July 23 – August 22) As the Sun moves into Aries you may feel the urge to take an adventure or visit a remote tropical island. Your mood may be sensitive so don’t be so serious. Allow your playful nature to emerge and reward yourself for all your hard work. Relax and have fun! AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18) Face your responsibilities head-on and set realistic goals. You can still have fun and spend time with loved ones. Focus on written communication to explore your potential. Funds flow well for you now but avoid overspending. VIRGO (August 23 – September 22) Find something to celebrate this week, as it may be a memorable time. Being a team player will get you more results than working alone. A romantic bond may deepen or a new partner may come into the picture. Take a look at your finances. PISCES (February 19 – March 20) You may need feedback from a trusted friend to help you fix something that has gone wrong. Self-doubt may play tricks on you. Stay in tune with your intuition to keep yourself on the right track. A heart-to-heart talk will ignite romance. ANAGRAM MITCH REEMS C C S T R I C K L A N D C J N B J D A L J Z E U L C C K X O P Q K B A C J Y W W Q B U S G W D J I I K Horoscope, word search and more B6 The Lucky Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer, Chemo Prep Edition By Kathleen Merryman Attitude, everyone says, is the homemade asset that can haul you through your cancer fight. With the right attitude, you can bad-ass your way into chemotherapy, then ride the momentum through the worst of it. Welcome to The Lucky Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer, Chemo Prep Edition. It took a while to get to the chemical warfare portion of killing my snotty, aggressive invader cells. First, the people behind the machines tracked them down then the lab techs analyzed them. The surgeon went in after the mothership that had been dispatching the enemy to assorted lymph nodes. Now it’s nothing but a nut-sized mass preserved in a research facility somewhere. Nice work, Commander. Next up, the strategists: The oncologist, pharmacist and radiologist who drew up the eight-month battle plan – and gave me about a pound of reading on what that will do to my body. Chemo, the material read, makes most people tired. So does vacuuming, I thought. How tired? Tired to the middle of your bone marrow, where it’s attacking fast-multiplying white blood cells, it turns out. The drugs kill every fast-multiplying cell they find. They want to kill the cancers, but there’s collateral damage. They get the fastregenerating cells in your mouth, your gut, your nose, too. That tactic can change your sense of taste and make your hair fall out. It can make your nail beds turn brown. Unchecked by countermeasure drugs, it can make you barf. Oh, there’s more. And there is the caveat that every patient responds differently. Patients have different doses, different drug combos, treatment lengths and, possibly, different experimental therapies. Looking through the summer and into the fall, I saw a fight, but no clear picture of it. So I mustered my Attitude. I’ve got lots of it, probably too much, probably too intemperate. But this was no time to get all moderate. I imagined a mama grizzly attacking, then me grabbing two big branches and yelling until she decided against messing with me. I imagined an outmatched Scottish army sending bagpipers out in a first wave of terrifying, skirling noise. That, I figured, was the intensity I needed. But, lacking bears and vandals, I decided that Attitude would bring me to every appointment with a grin on my face and a swing in my gait. Attitude would put a lightness to my voice in every family phone call. Attitude would remind me to thank everyone who poked me – there are a lot of needles in all of this, and X See CANCER / page A11 Facebook: Twitter: @Tacomaweekly Tumblr: Pinterest: Flickr:ÁLFNUFRPWDFRPDZHHNO\ Sports ........................A7 Make A Scene ........B5 A&E ....................... ....B1 Calendar ................. B6 Look for daily updates online! Two Sections | 22 Pages

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