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FREE s Friday, March 14, 2014 LADY RAMS FIFTH AT STATE A6 THE WISDOM OF LITTLE BILL ST. PATRICK’S DAY EVENTS! B2 B1 Y YOUR COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER - 26 YEARS OF SERVICE FOOD BANK GIFTED Eloise’s Cooking Pot earns new truck ready, set,grow! Emerald Ridge High School’s Marissa Modestowicz PHOTOS BY AHMBUR BLUE TRUCKIN’ IT. The community named 2014 Daffodil Festival Queen showed up on March 6 to congratulate Ahndrea Blue and the rest of Eloise’s Cooking Pot food bank on their new 2014 Toyota Tundra. The 2014 Toyota Tundra retails for around $26,000, but Eloise Cooking Pot was able to score their model for free due to Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good giveaway. By Savannah Fry F Correspondent amilies, schools and communities came together Friday, March 7, as the Daffodil Festival’s 2014 Royal Court took the stage at Life Center to see who would be awarded the title of Queen for the current festival year. KING 5 television’s Chris Egan and the current reigning Miss Washington Reina Almon oversaw the proceedings. The princesses gave their 25 speeches all themed around the 2014 Festival theme of “Ready, Set, Grow!” Daffodil Coronation mainstay Kerry Yanasak played piano in between the princess’ speeches, as he has for over 20 years. Nina Thach, from Mt. Tahoma High School, was under a fair amount of pressure as the first princess of the night to give a speech. However, she was confident in her ability to speak well. “When you walk up on stage, your audience doesn’t know what you’re going to say, so you can’t really mess up if the audience doesn’t know!” she said. Stephanie Jackson-Buena, from Chief Leschi High School, presented a speech that was grounded in her culture by integrating a native language that is no longer spoken into a moving story of how she helps preserve her heritage: “Its English name is Salish, and I’ve been learning it since I was 12, but I’m nowhere near fluent, and it was a language spoken throughout the Northwest.” Does she get the opportunity to speak it a lot? “Not as much as I’d like to,” she said. Kayla McElligott, from Fife High School, spoke of celebrating the milestones in her life. That’s what made her speech so easy, she said. “My comfort zone is being in front of people, so I wasn’t worried. I walked out and saw my family and people I loved… I just wanted to share my story.” And, of course, she looked forward to hearing the stories of her peers. “I couldn’t wait to hear what ‘Ready, Set, Grow!’ meant to the other princesses.” Delaney Fry, from Stadium High School, described the growth of a garden, and how this mirrors the abilities of the individual to help a community blossom, just like flowers. Lydia Mangan, from Henry Foss High School, gave a worldly speech, focusing on her time spent abroad, as an exchange student in France, and performing ballet in China, pertinent experiences for the ambitious future travel journalist. X See QUEEN / page A4 By Derek Shuck When Eloise’s Cooking Pot food bank’s truck was totaled last year, CEO and founder Ahndrea Blue was at a loss for what to do. Without a means of transportation, the elderly and disabled the food bank delivers to in the Tacoma area would have no way to receive their food. Even a replacement truck was not enough to X See TRUCK / page A4 WHAT’S RIGHT ųWITH TACOMA IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO CONQUER CANCER And be sure to bring a notebook By Kathleen Merryman Cancer pros want you to bring two things to every important appointment: A notebook and an advocate. No problem, my husband and I thought. We are reporters. We ask lots of questions. We carry notebooks the way trees carry leaves. The notebook buddy plan worked all through the scary introduction, through the lumpectomy, through the installation of the power port for chemotherapy drugs. We had no idea that all that was the easy part. MultiCare did. The cancer treatment team knew we were about to hit a tornado of info. Cytoxan, adriamycin, neulasta and taxol, X See CANCER / page A3 PHOTOS COURTESY OF DAFFODIL FESTIVAL NEW QUEEN IS CROWNED. (Above two pho- tos) Marissa Modestowicz (middle) of Emerald Ridge High School, along with princesses Haley Theriault, Ji Larson and Sydney Brown, hear Modestowicz’s name announced as the 2014 Daffodil Queen. (bottom) After getting congratulatory hugs, Modestowicz received her crown and big bouquet of flowers. HERB GODDESS HOROSCOPE Unidentified woman A3 CITY SEEKS INPUT ON STREET SAFETY: Tacoma hopes to get a little more pedestrian friendly. PAGE A2 Lady Abes compete at the Dome A6 Pothole Pig ...............A2 Crime Stoppers.........A3 ARIES (March 21 – April 19) Creative solutions may come with a little social planning.You may encounter resistance from a partner or boss. Discussion in a lighthearted way may help avoid misunderstandings. The Full Moon in Virgo on Sunday may bring out your perfectionist side. Try to see the best in all things. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20) This week’s focus is on water, which suggests you go with the flow and avoid wasting time on regrets. Make plans for the future and reorganize to accomplish your agenda. We are the company we keep so stick with positive and enthusiastic people to help keep up your upbeat rhythm. GEMINI (May 21 – June 20) Positive work and job process are the highlight for you this week. Don’t overlook the important details. Be honest and use a down-toearth approach for smooth success. Artistic and musical influences affect your instincts. A friend may have a great idea to consider. LIBRA (September 23 – October 22) Set your boundaries with others to avoid getting roped into too many projects. Be open to potential new opportunities while being selective. The New Moon brings a steamy romantic encounter. Experiment with other approaches. SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21) Feeling bored and restless? Don’t let that distract you. You just may need some activities to challenge your physical and intellectual abilities. Plan that adventure you have always wanted. Have some fun this week with friends and loved ones. WORD SEARCH O Z L X U I R E I E M M A D O G V D X J D C V C M H C F G O Q N X I N O R T H W E S T T R E K S M C S C I N T I L L A T I O N F X K O H B E G M E C W U L T R U Y M W R A K Y E Q H T I U S A I Z A Z Z H C P A R K S F P R J U N N E F S I D E W A L K H X B F T U I E U M U D H C A C E I B F J S T A R C E N T E R K H P A Y Y K E E R C N A W S W O E D V C O O Z E C N A I F E D T N I O P G N I T N I A P I B G N O G E C V A K B R U S T O N U Z X Y G Z SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21) Practice self-reliance this week as you may not be able to count on anyone but yourself. A partner may be marching to their own beat that is different from yours. You may receive an unexpected invitation that brightens your day. Save extra cash for a rainy day. CANCER (June 21 – July 22) Use patience this week as things may not go your way. The Full Moon on Sunday may highlight intense conversations this weekend. Willingness to compromise will help you be on the same wavelength with others. A new relationship may blossom. CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19) The Full Moon in Virgo highlights your travel and adventure sectors inspiring you to take a break or short vacation. New ideas may come to you from many areas. Figure out which techniques work best to avoid delay of plans. Don’t pussyfoot around. LEO (July 23 – August 22) There is an old issue that may pop up this week. A friend may help you find a fresh perspective to help you work through this. The Full Moon on Sunday may bring on the urge to splurge. Shop smart and treat yourself. A new friend may come your way. AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18) This week’s atmosphere is favorable for romantic or creative opportunities.The Full Moon brings new challenging opportunities at work or in business. Know where you stand and make priorities to ease anxiety. Handle your money matters carefully. VIRGO (August 23 – September 22) This is a social week for you with several opportunities to connect with people as part of a team. Pooling resources will get you farther faster. Stubborn opinions may affect you and patience will be needed during this Full Moon on Sunday. Let go and move on. PISCES (February 19 – March 20) Try not to overdo it this week, as you may feel pressure from others. Overextending oneself can lead to more harm than good. The Full Moon on Sunday brings opportunities for romantic social events or may heighten intimacy with your partner. Relax and take time to pamper yourself. ANAGRAM GOLDEN GLOVES Y I H S I F E H T E C I R U A M F I K K S U U J W S J U G O X D Horoscope, word search and more B6 Facebook: Twitter: @Tacomaweekly Tumblr: Pinterest: Flickr:ÁLFNUFRPWDFRPDZHHNO\ Sports ........................A6 Make A Scene ........B5 A&E ....................... ....B1 Calendar ................. B6 Look for daily updates online! Two Sections | 20 Pages

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