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FREE s Friday, February 28, 2014 WRESTLERS AT MAT CLASSIC A6 A3 GROUND BREAKING GRAND CINEMA AWARDS B1 Y YOUR COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER - 26 YEARS OF SERVICE PACIFIC AVE LIGHTS SPRING UP By Steve Dunkelberger ity for ladder trucks to access the upper floors of the neighborhood’s buildings. The quick answer is that they won’t. City codes don’t require prior approval from the fire department for the installation of new streetlights, and the lights are well within current fire codes, fire spokesman Joe Meinecke said. “We were not in the loop in terms of the process,” he said. Pacific Avenue got a bit brighter with the installation of new overhead streetlights around the city’s downtown bar district. The web of lights, however, did prompt a question to the PHOTO BY STEVE DUNKELBERGER Tacoma Fire Department about GOT A LIGHT? New streetlights were installed along the west end how the mesh of power lines of Pacific Avenue, a move that raised a question about fire safety. and cables would affect the abil- WHAT’S RIGHT WITH TACOMA “But we don’t see it as a highsafety concern.” If buildings around the meshed streetlights caught fire, firefighters would use the uphill entrances along Commerce Street, instead of on Pacific. That being said, the new lights prompted fire officials to meet with city officials about future installations of lights that could at least raise questions about public safety. ų UWT forum focuses efforts of branding city By Steve Dunkelberger TOP PHOTO BY ED CURRAN / BOTTOM PHOTOS BY STEVE DUNKELBERGER ALL FOR ONE. (Top) Six of the Tacoma Weekly staff lined up to get their heads buzzed this week in solidarity with writer Kathleen “Kits” Merryman (middle, in blue), who is being treated for breast cancer. (Above left) Operations Manager Tim Meikle couldn’t wait to get his clippers to Managing Editor Matt Nagle’s hair; (middle) Merryman gets a hug from Meikle before she gives up her thick head of hair too; (right) and turnabout was fair play as Merryman gave Meikle a nice new head shave. WHAT SOME OF OUR READERS CHOSE THE LUCKY WOMAN’S GUIDE TO BREAST CANCER: SURGERY EDITION Noir boob survives, so does rest of body By Kathleen Merryman My right boob is such a diva. It gets to sleep next to my husband. The left boob gets the bedside lamp. The left boob toughed out needle biopsies of benign fibroids, and all it did was whimper a few times and bruise some. The right boob got one biopsy alerting us to a cancerous tumor the size of a Brazil nut and it turned into Susan Hayward in a 1958 prison flick. “I Want to Live!” it wailed. Then, to match the movie, it bruised noir. If it hadn’t been so tender, I would have given it a 1950s slap. Instead I admonished it to calm down, already. Maybe we could find a way where we both get to live. And that’s how it is turning out. Welcome to “The Lucky Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer, Surgery Edition.” The diva boob tumor was pretty much self-contained, Dr. Virginia Stowell LUMPECTOMY VS. MASTECTOMY: explained to my husband and me. It was moderately differentiated invasive ductile carcinoma, she said, a common cancer, and she intended to cut it all out. How much of the boob went with it would be my choice. I was surprised to learn that the decision on whether to go with a mastectomy or a lumpectomy was mine. With my tumor, survival over time is the same with either of the two. There is, of course, the chance that cancer will come back in the same breast, or the other one. That chance is 10 percent with a lumpectomy and radiation only. We went for the lumpectomy for sound scientific reasons: I don’t like the idea of cutting off a boob. I like even less the idea of reconstructing it with an implant. And, back in December, I ran into a woman in a waiting room at the Carol Milgard Breast Health Center. She had a few years on me, and she was delighted that her lumpectomy had left her with a perky boob. It sounded X See CANCER / page A10 Every breast has its own story. That’s why, through the Magic of Facebook, I asked if the choice between lumpectomy and mastectomy had landed in your lap, and what you decided. Keep in mind as you read the responses that cancers are different, as are their treatments, which can also include radiation and chemotherapy. Carole Turner Parkhurst went with the mastectomy. “I had stage one breast cancer one year ago. I opted for the mastectomy and when I told the doctor, he said that’s what he would do for his wife. I didn’t have chemotherapy or radiation. I take an anti-estrogen pill every day for five years. The side effects are bad joint pain and inability to sleep. I live with the joint pain and have found relief for the sleep. I just had my one-year check-up last week and am fine.” Donna S. Casey wrote, “I received a lumpectomy at the start. However, as time went on I feared the cancer coming back, and I thought, ‘I am getting a double mastectomy.’” Out of the blue, she had a conversation with a woman whose cancer had come back 15 years after a double mastectomy. Casey talked with her treatment team and decided to stay with the lumpectomy and her medication. “I took my pills for 10 years and kept my breast,” she wrote.” I am Cancer Free!” X See READERS / page A10 HERB GODDESS HOROSCOPE Licoln tops Wilson in finals A6 New show at MOG B3 ARIES (March 21 – April 19) You are sensitive to those around you this week. Try not to take offense where there is none. Putting yourself in others’ shoes will give insight to others’ views you may see as stubborn. Give into compromise and allow things to flow. Rushing leads to mistakes. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20) Pay attention to completing important tasks or chores this week. Mixed messages or misunderstandings may cause confusion. Someone may use harsh words or try to deceive you. Don’t cut corners – do the job right the first time. Take some special time to relax with your partner. GEMINI (May 21 – June 20) A change of perspective may help you get out of a sticky situation. Now is a great time to shine at work or find new employment or opportunity. There is a silver lining in the dark cloud that is lifting this week. Smile while you show your skills. CANCER (June 21 – July 22) It is a great time to fix that broken sink or tackle that DIY project you have been putting off. Family may join in for the fun. Study new techniques or take a class. Expanding your self-knowledge is fulfilling and comes easy for you. Finish what you start. LEO (July 23 – August 22) Things may seem to be going well yet try not to take on more than you can handle. Delegate to those who can help you manage. It’s okay to take a back seat for a while. Those that need your help may ask you for it. VIRGO (August 23 – September 22) An important transaction or real estate matter may be delayed. There is a chance those delays may work out in your favor. You become more sensitive to others’ feelings or point of view. A mysterious relationship could be revealed. CHARTER REVIEW: Charter review looks at issues of utility oversight. PAGE A4 Pothole Pig ...............A2 Crime Stoppers.........A3 LIBRA (September 23 – October 22) You may find yourself reminiscing about the past. An old flame or friend may contact you on social media. Decide what is really important to you for the present and let go of what is not needed from the past. Exercise may help you relax. SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21) Your intensity and passion may not be understood by others who do not share your emotional views. Romantic dreams or fantasies may occupy your time. Your partner may have a different agenda from your own or be resistant to your plans. WORD SEARCH Y M S J A Z Z B O N E S T S A P O U B B L A C K V I O L I N B F Y B U R B A N B R A N D I N G W Q J T R Y E S L P B B K K E R O E F H X X J N M J A V A J I V E F Q N C H A R T E R R E V I E W M O S M O K E Y R O B I N S O N O J E A E X Y N L O C N I L J Q L A T M G R I T T Y K E Q B U M U H D M U L T I C A R E S E M O H S U Z H G O Y P U Y W S W F T K J F T A C O M A P O W E R D O V R J M T E I C J C G W L B S W L Y N I T S E D F O Y T I C I N Y B G Q V E M P C T Z L Y F J P O X K U F M E K T C V W U I E U SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21) Your rebellious side may urge you to take that risk. Check the pros and cons carefully before making that investment or other moneymaking idea. Money may come easy to you. Plan your goals and execute them with precision. CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19) Work may be hectic right now as you take on more responsibilities. Make your views heard to those who have the power for positive change. Balance work with home life. Learn to turn off your work mode so you can recharge. Romance your partner. AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18) As Mercury rewinds, you are filled with brilliant ideas. Someone may not like your suggestions or not want to listen. This may take time before they turn around so don’t waste your time. Go over the fine print well before signing contracts. PISCES (February 19 – March 20) Allow your artistic and creative juices to flow as many thoughts may come your way. Inspiration comes in many ways. Look for subtle clues in everyday things. An amazing dream may give you insight into solving a problem or issue you are having. Enjoy a romantic moment. ANAGRAM SMOKEY ROBINSON Horoscope, word search and more B6 A gathering of about 300 community activists, marketing professionals and city boosters took over William W. Philip Hall at University of Washington-Tacoma on Feb. 21 to hold an all-day forum on branding efforts. The forum was the fifth annual event hosted by the university’s Urban Studies Department as a way to develop ways for Tacomans to better focus their marketing efforts aimed at promoting the city in the shadow of Seattle. “Beyond Urban Branding: The Promise. The Problem. The Potential” walked attendees through the concept of branding cities with strategic marketing messages and effort through the experiences of writers and marketers in similar cities around the country. Previous urban branding efforts by various marketing folks in Tacoma included the tag lines of “No. 1 Wired City,” “Gritty City” and various versions of the area code “253.” This year’s forum hoped to spark a collective conversation about the ways and taglines to ponder to promote the area in a holistic way that involves all stakeholders, from residents and artists to businesses and educators, to government and nonprofits. “There are all sorts of people who can bring their talents to bear on this,” said forum panelist Jim Throgmorton, professor emeritus at University of Iowa and author of “Story and Sustainability.” The theme of creating an authentic branding message that includes as many aspects of Tacoma was repeated again and again throughout the day, meaning that a marketing message can’t simply be developed in a board room but through a collective process of community forums. Urban branding goes beyond the latest gimmicks in marketing, and should be tackled on many fronts, particularly for Tacoma, which struggles to define its identity outside of being the little sibling of X See BRANDING / page A10 Facebook: Twitter: @Tacomaweekly Tumblr: Pinterest: Flickr:ÁLFNUFRPWDFRPDZHHNO\ Sports ........................A6 Make A Scene ........B5 A&E ....................... ....B1 Calendar ................. B6 Look for daily updates online! Two Sections | 20 Pages

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