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BEER FESTIVAL B1 PECOS BILL B2 TACOMAWEEKLY 24 YE A R S O F SE R V I C E BE C A U S E CO M M U N I T Y MAT T E R S WHAT’S RIGHT WITH TACOMA Out with the old, in with new housing and jobs By Kathleen Merryman PHOTO COURTESY OF TACOMA CITIZENS FOR SCHOOLS Pr p siti n 1 gets str ng supp rt fr m c mmunity By John Larson I t appears the bond measure for Tacoma Public Schools will be approved by voters. Proposition 1 would generate $500 million to pay for 14 new or remodeled schools and smaller projects at numerous schools throughout the district. It registered 69.6 percent approval in the first count of ballots by election officials. As of Tacoma Weekly presstime (Feb. 13) it had 24,013 yes votes to 10,473 no votes. It needed 60 percent approval to pass. It is slightly short of the total number of votes for validation, but is likely to surpass the minimum needed as more ballots are counted. Willie Stewart, who served on Tacoma School Board from 1999-2005, was one of three co-chairs for the campaign supporting Proposition 1. He attributes the success to three factors. The first was the overall strength of the campaign. He noted the efforts of Eric Wilson, a consultant brought in to lead the campaign. Stewart said phone calls were made to voters on 10 nights, with between 40 and 50 volunteers at the phone bank each evening. “Social media also made a contribution,” he observed. X See ELECTION / page A5 Creative youth A3 LOUD SALUTE: Military service an influence on local band’s new CD PAGE B5 X See HOUSING / page A10 Link routes reduced, set for final vote this spring PHOTO COUR TESY OF TAC OMA PUBLIC SCHOOLS Gone is as good as it gets for Hillside Terrace, and gone begins this week for two worndown blocks of public housing. Tacoma Housing Authority is demolishing the 104 units between South Yakima Avenue and ‘G’ Street and South 25th and 27th streets. When they are good and gone and recycled, it will build 140 new units, plus 20 careers in construction. The old buildings were bad from the start, built on the cheap as private-sector apartments in 1969. Tacoma Housing Authority bought them in 1976. Rather than toss cash into the money pit they became, Tacoma Housing Authority has been trying to tear them down for a decade, said Executive Director Michael Mirra. They have an awkward shotgun design with cascades of stairs that make them inaccessible to anyone with mobility By Steve Dunkelberger MA OF TACO URTESY PHOTO CO CITIZENS S OL FOR SCHO the meapromoted ts at pporters en su d 1 tu n S o ) ti le . d Proposi ets. (Mid ey from the bond d below) arket stre on ORT. (Top an 9th and M renovated with m P P th U u S o L S f O o O SCH tion ill be e intersec l, which w sure at th lementary Schoo E r ve ar McC Titans top Highline A6 Pothole Pig ...............A2 City Briefs ...............A4 On to state A8 Sports ......................A6 A&E ....................... ..B1 The selection of a “preferred option” and an alternative route for the expanded Link light rail line in Tacoma will likely have more to do with budgets than overall impact and potential ridership. It certainly won’t be a product of a city-wide master transportation plan. The city doesn’t have one of those, a fact that frustrates more than a few people. Tacoma City Councilmembers Ryan Mello and David Boe are among them. “I am beyond frustrated,” Mello said, noting that the city has a six-year transportation plan that he calls more of a roads plan than a long-range vision of the city’s transportation needs that should have been part of the discussions when the first Link system was built 10 years ago. But it wasn’t, and it hasn’t been developed since. That leaves the current discussions about the Link expansion occurring without answers to seemingly basic questions about how best to coordinate all forms of transportation in the coming X See LINK / page A5 Facebook: Twitter: @Tacomaweekly Tumblr: Pinterest: Flickr:ÁLFNUFRPWDFRPDZHHNO\ Make A Scene ........ B5 Calendar ................. B6 Look for daily updates online! Two Sections | 20 Pages


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