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FREE s Friday, February 14, 2014 SENIORS LEAD CRUSADERS A7 B4 ASIAN NEW YEAR CELEBRATION Think you’re a true Miley Cyrus fan? Take our quiz and find out! / B1 Y YOUR COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER - 26 YEARS OF SERVICE CHURCH FIRE Golgotha Baptist Church stricken again by fire ready. set.grow. Princess Promenade kicks off 2014 Daffodil Festival season By Kathleen Merryman Firefighters tackled, then deputies arrested a man found lurking in the ruins of Golgotha Baptist Church Tuesday. Wednesday, prosecutors charged Bryan Douglas Brock, 34, of Tacoma, with burglary in the second degree. In what appears to be a second arson, fire consumed what remained of Golgotha Baptist Church in Midland on Monday morning. Tony Houser was the first to notice smoke coming from the church at 1611 E. 85th St., at the intersection of Portland Avenue and 85th Street East. He called 9-1-1 at 9:45 a.m. then noticed a man behaving oddly. “There was a guy walking, walking down the road, stopping, and turning around and looking,” he said. “I let the firemen know what I saw.” The fire, he said, was a rotten blow for the congregation, as flames took hold in a room above a portico facing Portland Avenue. That side of the church, which included the Correspondent ven a slick of snow on the ground couldn’t keep a bumper crop of new Daffodil Princesses from making their first appearance as a court for the 2014 festival year, at the Daffodil Festival Princess Promenade on Friday, Feb. 7. Serving as the official kick-off for the upcoming season of public appearances and community events and service, Promenade also marks the official presentation of each princess with the tiara, sash and golden daffodil necklace that they will wear throughout the year. The event found itself in a new venue this year at Puyallup’s Pioneer Park pavilion, which was brightly decorated with glowing golden daffodils and cheerful garden gnomes, in keeping with the 2014 theme, “Ready. Set. Grow,” for the 81st festival year. For one of the Princesses, Ji Larson from Lincoln High School, the fact that the festival already has such a legacy behind it is a great responsibility. “There have been tons of people whose lives have been touched by this festival. Personally it is an honor to be a part of it and carry on the spirit of Daffodil.” Princess Kayla McElligot, from Fife High School, concurs: “Knowing that there have been princesses representing Pierce County for 81 years is humbling…You know that you have been given this title and you have to honor it with grace and dignity, and represent your high school and community just as others have done before you.” Each of the young ladies was escorted by a member of the Daffodil Festival and their Educator of the Year, an educator nominated by each princess from their respective high school as outstanding in his or her field. As a part of the evening’s festivities, Pierce County Council Member Joyce MacDonald read a resolution passed by the council declaring the princesses as Official Ambassadors of Pierce County. The governing body has done so for the past two years of Daffodil royal courts, as well, on behalf of the positive effect the festival has on the promotion and representation of the county at festivals around the Pacific Northwest. A presentation by the Pierce County branches of the YMCA included the gift to each of the princesses of a yearlong membership, in appreciation of the partnership the festival has forged with the organization in recent years. The event itself was a discernible product of the Festival’s inherent connection to its supportive community, with appetizers and dessert provided by the Adriatic X See FIRE / page A4 WHAT’S RIGHT WITH TACOMA HEARING, THEN TELLING Part Two of ‘The Lucky Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer’ By Kathleen Merryman Cancer is the news no one is quite prepared to get. It demands a reaction for which most of us have no reference point. All of a sudden, we’re sloshing around in information, family stories and preconceptions that may or may not have anything to do with what we’ll be fighting. Most of us do resolve, in that moment, to fight, whether it’s to beat the disease or, as a dear friend in his 90s chose, to dampen the pain. Most of us have no idea of the X See CANCER / page A4 X See PRINCESS PROMENADE / page A4 PHOTOS COURTESY OF DAFFODIL FESTIVAL NEW ROYALTY. (Top) The 2014 Daffodil Princesses looked stunning in their yellow satin dresses, sashes and tiaras. (Above, left) Stadium High School’s Daffodil Princess Delaney Fry; (middle) Mt. Tahoma High School’s Daffodil Princess Nina Thatch; (bottom) and Foss High School’s Daffodil Princess Lydia Mangan. HERB GODDESS HOROSCOPE Bailey wins state title A6 CHARTER REVIEW STARTS OUT SLOWLY: Only a handful of people attended the first public hearing of the city’s Charter Review Committee. PAGE A3 Puyallup Nation Kings tryouts A10 Pothole Pig ...............A2 Crime Stoppers.........A3 You are on a roller coaster ride as Mercury rewinds and some of your plans may fall through or people may not be reliable. Work or business projects may not coordinate and acting on impulse could cause stress. Try to locate and keep track of receipts and paperwork. Enjoy the fresh, crisp air. An important relationship could reach a critical peak this week. The full moon today lets you see your friends and loved ones for who they really are. You have desired change for some time and now you have the chance to make this dream of stability happen. Take a step in the opposite direction. Don’t give into self-doubt. Organize your home or office for positive work results. You may experience mechanical malfunctions as a result of Mercury in retrograde. Your patient determination will win over that hard to deal with person. Working as a team can make better progress. Respect and listen to your heart. You may need to go with the flow to make your daydreams come true. New opportunities help you pull back in order to move forward. With Mercury in retrograde, your patience and stamina may be tested. Choose what is right or what is wrong for you. Take your time and do it right. There is a possibility that you make a change that could surprise someone. A plan or project may not go as planned as Mercury rewinds. Interviews or meetings may be canceled. Keep track of those important documents, receipts and paperwork. Do your homework first and think carefully before making any moves. WORD SEARCH M W F Q P O T H O L E S C E Q Q C A A H F R J I U R M W H N R W S L O Z L K F L G U A N M C T F V K W F C D Y N N T G Z R N M K R I R M E Y N S L V D T R F G D E N O K C I M F Y Q H D O W Q D C G T H C Q O L I N K A S C V A N P C K G P R O M E N A D E A F A A O Y J J E V B W Q G P H L F C P R R M X D N Y Z V D Z N E O M E P R C C E I T L M L M E N D P R W E M A C H I D D A K U T I K S Y B S X O W T U Z T I L I L X M V U Q X R H D J O T I C N T R M X D X N J R Z H L W F H E S SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21) Today’s powerful full moon reveals a special valentine. See the happiness in your everyday life. Opposites are at play bringing fun as well as disappointment. When things get too much, retreat to work out your next move. Enjoy your popularity with good intentions and spread joy. Today’s full moon brings good times with friends and family. As Mercury is in retrograde, you may notice crazy times at work. Challenges with your boss or co-worker will escalate and then subside. Your fondest dreams and fantasies may be on your mind lately. Stay calm and keep smiling. CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19) This week could be socially challenging. Today’s full moon helps you recognize your responsibilities to others. You come to a common ground as a result of a disagreement. As Mercury rewinds this week, you may experience electronic problems. Back up your important files to avoid losing crucial information. A quick, tempting getaway probably won’t resolve your issues. You may find yourself more in touch with repressed feelings as Mercury rewinds this week stirring up old emotions. The full moon today may be a special time for you and your partner. Take time to decompress. Love is in the air today during this special full moon today. You are stimulated by a cuttingedge wavelength. This lively energy helps you find answers and make meaningful connections. Creative opportunities arise. We are the company we keep so stick with like-minded people. Wishful thinking may get in the way of progress. Beware of misunderstandings with your partner or relative, as Mercury is in retrograde. Try to sense the needs and feelings of others. Appreciate the little things that make the bigger picture. Make some time for peace and quiet to help you focus. Watch your budget and avoid spontaneous spending. Questions about money and wild ideas are in the air. Confusion this full moon could distract you from taking good care of yourself. Be loving and giving but don’t sacrifice everything or play the martyr. Your desires may prove reckless. ANAGRAM DAFFODIL PARADE G A C R X O O Q M X T X N M H S Horoscope, word search and more B6 to be a second arson, fire consumed what remained of Golgotha Baptist Church in Midland on Monday morning. By Savannah Fry E PHOTO BY KATHLEEN MERRYMAN FLAMES. 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