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FREE s Friday, October 26, 2012 Elections 2012: HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL A9 WHO IS ON YOUR LIST? Darneille, Connelly face off for Senate seat A6 & A7 B1 CAPITOL STEPS CAST YOUR VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE CANDIDATE FOR THE 2012 ELECTION AT TACOMAWEEKLY.COM/BALLOT TACOMAWEEKLY 24 YE A R S O F SE R V I C E BE C A U S E CO M M U N I T Y MAT T E R S COUNTY BUDGET NIPS AND TUCKS TO AVOID SLASHES By Steve Dunkelberger HORROR ON HILLTOP In a zombie Zagat guide, Hell’s Gateway Haunted House would rate five stars By Kathleen Merryman Kip Clinton is tickled to death to be in the piano and antiques business just up the hill from the gates of hell. The killer clown, mad butcher, werewolf and disturbing children are some of the best neighbors she has had in decades. That is not to dismiss the ladies who bake Bite Me cookies on the first floor of the building that houses Hell’s Gateway Haunted House. By day, they make the Hilltop neighborhood smell better than it ever has. But by night, it is the electric chair that is generating the buzz. It is the staged mayhem that is building a gritster destination over bloody ground. In the 1990s, it was a gangster destination. Drive-by victims died by the light of the red neon piano, the landmark on the roof of Clinton’s Music House. U.S. Army Rangers shot it out with gangsters a few blocks away on South ‘M’ and 25th streets. Then the city of Tacoma bought two blocks of houses and apartments to build police headquarters across the alley from Clinton’s. It was a nightmare. City officials switched the TPD HQ’s location to the old Costco store on Pine Street near South 38th Street. They left their vacant houses for the crooks and hookers to whisk into a maelstrom of crime. Citizens pressured the city to obey its own codes, and failed and failed. Squatters’ fires burned the buildings an indoor campfire at a time, upping the danger to firefighters with every call. Dealers set up outdoor parlors with junked sofas and chairs. It was hell, with the occasional inferno. Clinton’s allies won in the end, and the city razed the zombie buildings. The scrubby hillside, while unlovely, offers no cover, and the neighbors have cops’ contact numbers on speed dial. Then crime spiked again when a shady outfit rented the top floor of the metal building at 2302 Fawcett Ave. They held illegal after-hours parties until one of their guests shot another, who died in the alley behind Clinton’s warehouse. That real blood, that real horror, was the COSTUME IDEAS: Get inspiration for your Halloween attire. PAGE B2 Election 2012 27TH DISTRICT CANDIDATES SPAR OVER CAMPAIGN SPENDING By Steve Dunkelberger & John Larson HELL’S GATEWAY HAUNTED HOUSE PHOTOS BY CEDRIC LEGGIN FRIGHT FEST. Hell’s Gateway is a maze of spectacular misery, a techno-rich home for all the gory details that screamologists Ian and Sandy Johnsons once displayed at their home in Federal Way. WHEN: Oct. 28 7-10 p.m. Oct. 26, 27 and Nov. 3 7 p.m. to midnight WHERE: 2302 Fawcett Ave., Tacoma, 98402 HOW MUCH: $15 general admission, $30 VIP express pass, $40 with photo INFO: X See ZOMBIES / page A12 Celebrity bartenders A4 The 2013 budget proposed by Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy, now facing council discussion, calls for a collection of cuts that total about $1.6 million next year from its $275 million General MCCARTHY Fund. Those cuts are largely seen as rounding errors when compared to Tacoma’s $63 million in reductions from its $396 million biennial General Fund of its $2.77 billion in spending across all accounts. MURI “Things are tight, but they are manageably tight,” said Councilmember Dick Muri, who is the chair of the council’s Audit Committee. “Everyone is going to have to take a little bit of a hit. It doesn’t even compare to Tacoma.” McCarthy’s total 2013 budget plan, $884 million over all county accounts, is $44 million more than the 2012 budget. But those dollars are largely dedicated funds such as roads and construction projects. The General Fund portion keeps the county’s current spending on public X See BUDGET / page A2 Biden vs. Ryan A5 Pothole Pig ...............A2 City Briefs ................A3 Tacoma trial lawyer turned 27th Legislative District Senatorial candidate Jack Connelly has become the million-dollar man in his effort to unseat six-term state Rep. Jeannie Darneille, who is seeking to shift from the CONNELLY House of Representatives to the Senate. Both candidates are Democrats and moved on to the general election under the state’s “top two” primary system. Connelly has spent more than $1 million DARNEILLE on his campaign, which is largely self-financed, making it the most expensive legislative race in state history. Only about a quarter of the Connelly campaign is being financed through donations, with the rest coming from his own pocket. While critics claim he is “buying the election” by spending his own money, he defends not only the practice but the amount. “I don’t think that is what I am doing, and I don’t think that’s possible,” he said, noting that voters are smarter than simply being able to be “bought” with campaign ads. “We went into this knowing that we were going to have to spend a lot of money. Also, I don’t want to be beholden to special interests. That was very important to me. I believe that happens, and I don’t have to because I self financed.” Although Darneille isn’t technically an incumbent in the position since this is her first Senate race, she has served the district of North Tacoma for 12 years as a representative, so the ballpark of six times is largely valid. X See SPENDING / page A6 Cross country A9 Sports ......................A9 A&E ....................... ..B1 Edge of madness B3 Make A Scene ........ B7 Calendar ................. B8 Look for daily updates online! 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