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FREE s Friday, January 24, 2014 TACOMA LOVES YOU, SIR MIX-A-LOT! B1 Vote for your favorite local businesses TIGERS SWEEP LIONS A6 SEE MORE ON PAGE A10 Y YOUR COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER - 26 YEARS OF SERVICE WHAT’S RIGHT WITH TACOMA ų Seven Spark Grants will bolster community strengths By Kathleen Merryman PHOTO COURTESY OF GREATER TACOMA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION RECIPIENTS. From left, front row: Alexa Folsom-Hill and Benjamin Warner; second row: Anna Holcomb and Savannah Olsen; third row: Miri Sampson, Kathryn Weymiller and Renee Simms; back row: Lucas Smiraldo and Mitch Kinne. funded in part by George Russell’s One Nation. They’re comparatively small – $1,500. They’re focused on one idea. They go to ordinary people instead of organizations. Each one of them gives an existing strength a new way to shine in Pierce County. Now we have a new batch of transformative goodness on the way. GTCF announced the seven Each round of Spark Grants makes me want to switch the words around in the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation’s name. Greater Community. Community Foundation. Tacoma, Greater. The grants are a genius idea, newest Spark Grants, and they’re starting soon, with all the energy of a new year – and a big Super Bowl. * The 5th Annual Soberbowl - Mitch Kinne has been clean and sober for five years. That’s a rocking accomplishment – with one guaranteed annual awkward moment: The Super Bowl. If you’re looking for a public place X See SPARKS / page A4 Locals craft legislative wish list MAP COURTESY OF WSDOT STALLED. State Route 167’s last leg has remained a “top priority” for decades without full funding. By Steve Dunkelberger With the short legislative session now underway in Olympia, local governments are working on their lists of projects and laws they hope will be added to lawmakers’ agendas. STATE ROUTE 167 PHOTOS BY MATT NAGLE ARTIST AT WORK. Artist Anthony Duenas (on left) and his brother David, both members of the Puyallup Indian Tribe, stand in front of the mural Anthony painted in cooperation with the Eastside Neighborhood Advisory Council. The photo above left shows the considerable length of the mural, while the photo above right shows its focal point, a bear totem. NEW EASTSIDE MURAL DOUBLES AS HISTORIC REPRESENTATION RETAINING WALL TRANSFORMED By Matt Nagle M cKinley Park on Tacoma’s Eastside is enjoying a new attraction these days with the completion of a beautiful new mural painted on what was a gray and overgrown retaining wall at the McKinley Terrace Apartments. Located at E. 32nd Street and McKinley Avenue, the mural is a snapshot of the way life used to be for Native American people centuries ago in the very location where the mural is situated – two Native American hunters moving in on a bear while a third acts as a lookout from behind a tree. Artist and Puyallup Tribal member Andrew Duenas chose this theme to honor our region’s rich tribal history, as the McKinley Park area was once a fertile hunting ground for the Native American families that lived there centuries ago. Duenas said he consulted with the Puyallup Tribe’s Historic Preservation Department to learn about the area and develop the mural theme. He said when he discovered that the area around the Tacoma Dome was once a main SITE IS HISTORIC TRIBAL LOCATION Puyallup village site hundreds of years ago, he knew he was onto something. “Basically, when you were a teenager and becoming a man you were told to climb this hill and come up here and train to hunt. We live up here on top of this hill and this is where we trained on a day-today basis. That’s where this whole mural came from,” he said. “I went home immediately and started just drawing nonstop. I came to realize I should do an interpretation of a hunt.” It took Duenas one full day to complete the mural, with help from his brother, Daniel (Puyallup Tribe), and nine-year-old daughter. The Eastside Neighborhood Advisory Council was instrumental in making the mural happen, namely its president Lynette Scheidt and vicepresident Tara Scheidt, who is also secretary of the Dometop Neighborhood Alliance. The mother-daughter team had seen Duenas’ work on the side of Friesenburgers restaurant at East 26th and ‘D’ Street and went in search of the artist. “After months of asking and searching for the artist we finally came in contact with Anthony Duenas,” said Lynette Scheidt, who is also president of the Dometop Neighborhood Alliance. “We told him we really would HERB GODDESS HOROSCOPE Falcons outlast T-Birds A6 ‘Shout’ delivers energy without much soul B2 ARIES March 21 – April 19 Arguments are possible so make sure you choose your words wisely and are in tune with those around you. A sudden change may be in store for you at work. This is a year you will be doing a lot of reassessment and selfexamination. TAURUS April 20 - May 20 It’s time to balance work with play. Relax more and cozy up to loved ones or spend some quality alone time. Be cautious yet productive. Reflect on your potential and understand your priorities. GEMINI May 21 – June 20 Concentrate on your most important money, property and relationship issues at this time. Focus daily on the power to widen your horizons and bring the world to you. The details are everything. Be in the moment. CANCER June 21 – July 22 Those that rely on your good sense and sound advice may need you. Stabilize your love life and creative drive. Understand your heart and retune your strings. This year will show how your hard work will pay off. LEO July 23 – August 22 Your royal and noble nature rubs off as you show others how to be their own king or queen. Creativity and generosity are heightened. Expect to receive your due recognition and applause for a job well done. VIRGO August 23 – September 22 Do you feel like you are being watched? You may have a secret admirer that will reveal themselves. Notice the subtle changes in your outlook. Your motto is ‘The harder you work, the luckier you will be.’ Keep it up! KEEPING LOVE ALIVE: Tacoma Weekly is prepping for Valentine’s Day and wants to know your romantic tricks of the trade. Enter the contest and win some great prizes. PAGE A2 Pothole Pig ...............A2 Crime Stoppers.........A3 MORE MURALS ON THE WAY like to incorporate some Native American artwork into the Eastside.” With Tara Scheidt’s husband and children being members of the Quinault Tribe, it seemed like serendipity for the Scheidts to hook up with Duenas and his artistic skills. An Eastside resident his entire life, Duenas said he has been interested in art ever since he was small child with a box of crayons. Duenas’ bear hunting scene is actually the second piece of public artwork he’s completed. The first piece is on the walls of the storage building at Dometop Community Garden – two hummingbirds, chosen for their animal totem symbols of life and joy. The larger mural, however, came with more obstacles to overcome during the process, particularly in securing the necessary paint and supplies. Tara and Lynnette Scheidt said they went to many businesses and got donations of paint, rollers, brushes, spray paint and buckets so the brothers could do the artwork. They also relied on donations from the community for paint especially, which can get quite expensive when used for large mural projects. Lynette and Tara Scheidt hope that the X See MURAL / page A4 LIBRA September 23 – October 22 Are you where you want to be? Being reliable and stable gives you tremendous staying power. Exercise good judgment. The slightest imbalance could set your scales swinging. Ask a wise elder for important advise. SCORPIO October 23 – November 21 Your good nature may be tested with friends and family. Set right any misunderstandings with siblings. Respect yourself and your personal space. WORD SEARCH Q R Q H X V R V G Z T Z F C H D N O P M A C S S E L E M O H X G L B I N Z K I S J K M C G A F G P A N T A G E S N O H S Z K Z W C D A I U O K O C A J S Y W D T U N J D N Y A K G I T L Z F H U N A L F K M I V Q S V I H O P O G L R S N N H Z I M L W T Q A H L K T H G I R W S E L R A H C S C C T B Y K L F F T X B I P E I B Z I M D J I B O U T I N C T K Q R Q F I M Q X W I G S E B A G D T R E T N E C R A T S C N F X R S A X X E R J V U M Q B X Y I U R B A N G R A C E C H U R C H E M E R A L D Q U E E N T L V Y SAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 21 Don’t stretch yourself too thin. Your fear of not being able to do or give enough to a partner may leave you anxious. Eliminate wastes and inefficiencies. Throw out what you don’t need, donate the rest to charity. CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 Try to balance good diet and exercise habits yet allow yourself little daily pleasures or treats. This will help to keep your morale and selfmotivation high. You are in the gradual process of re-inventing yourself. Think happy thoughts. AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18 Be prepared to put a lot of effort into your plans for worthwhile results. You value your independence have a flair for the unconventional. You are urged to express yourself through blogging, social media or other inspiration. PISCES February 19 – March 20 Look to get your financial and employment affairs in order this year. Important investment opportunities may prove beneficial. Get in touch with old classmates or childhood friends. Someone you forgot about is thinking about you. ANAGRAM PANTAGES THEATER Horoscope, word search and more B6 Top of the list for local cities, as it has been for decades, is for state lawmakers to find funding to finish State Route 167. Doing so would provide a more streamlined route between the warehouse and distribution centers in the Puyallup Valley with shipping operations at the Port of Tacoma. “Fife, along with other communities in the Puyallup and Kent valleys, is part of the second largest warehouse distribution hub on the West Coast,” Fife’s legislative agenda states. “It is critical to the economic health of the Central Puget Sound and the state, to the future competitiveness of the Port of Tacoma, and to jobs creation and freight mobility, to ‘finish what was started’ and complete this X See FUNDING / page A4 DATES TO WATCH FOR: February 7: First bill cutoff February 20: Second bill cutoff March 13: Legislature adjourns Facebook: Twitter: @Tacomaweekly Tumblr: Pinterest: Flickr:ÁLFNUFRPWDFRPDZHHNO\ Sports ........................A6 Make A Scene ........B5 A&E ....................... ....B1 Calendar ................. B6 Look for daily updates online! Two Sections | 20 Pages

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