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Marketplace Ziegler Cooper Gets the Gold PHOTO OF RUNNERS COURTESY DALLAS CENTER FOR ARCHITECTURE. AIA FORT WORTH HOMES TOUR LOGO COURTESY AIA FORT WORTH. PHOTO OF ZIEGLER COOPER OFFICE BY JUD HAGGARD. Ziegler Cooper Architects’ new downtown Houston office was designed with sustainability in mind. This past October, Ziegler Cooper Architects’ new office in the Bank of American Center in downtown Houston became the tower’s first tenant to receive LEED CI v2009 (Commercial Interior Design and Construction) Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Throughout the relocation process, Ziegler Cooper sought ways to make its new office a sustainable place to work. The company started by selecting a site located in a densely populated area with close proximity to shops, restaurants, and alternative transportation options for its employees. It then took a multifaceted approach during building and construction to achieve its Gold certification. For example, during construction, indoor air quality was closely monitored and low-emitting materials were used to promote a healthy work environment for the construction team as well as the firm. In addition, more than 90% of all construction waste was diverted from the landfill and able to be recycled, and 95% of appliances installed were Energy Star qualified. The company also emphasized the incorporation of natural daylight. These and many other features resulted in an inspirational space that distinctly reflects Ziegler Cooper’s ongoing commitment to the environment through sustainable design. 1/2 2014 Texas Architect 95

Texas Architect January/February 2014: Ecologies

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