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Trends of the Trade Marketplace Transformative Grant for The Contemporary Austin Marianne Vitale’s “Common Crossings” is on permanent exhibit at The Contemporary Austin Laguna Gloria. This past September, the Betty and Edward Marcus Foundation awarded The Contemporary Austin a $9 million grant that will be used by the museum to create a sculpture garden on its 12-acre lakeside estate of Laguna Gloria. Approximately $5 million will fund the commissioning and acquisition of sculptures and permanent installations by some of today’s leading artists. Another $2 million will go towards an endowment for maintenance and conservation of the works, and the remainder will fund a series of commissions, exhibitions, and public engagements. was chosen through a selective competition initiated by the trustees of the Marcus Foundation in the interest of awarding its final grant to “the Texas institution that proposes the most innovative, visionary visual arts initiative for the future.” Since its founding in 1994, the foundation has provided more than 125 grants to support the visual arts throughout Texas, with the majority of this funding dedicated to visual arts education. The Contemporary Austin Chicago Minneapolis Dallas Visit for more information. Submit to Present at 2014 Texas Architects Convention WRIGHTSON, JOHNSON, HADDON & WILLIAMS, INC. Jack Wrightson COMMON CROSSINGS (DETAIL) COURTESY THE ARTIST AND ZACH FEUER GALLERY. PHOTO BY DAVE MEAD. PHOTO OF CRAIG DYKERS BY HOLLY REED. P r i n c i Pa l Craig Dykers of Snøhetta was a keynote speaker for the 74th Annual Convention and Design Expo in Fort Worth. The Texas Society of Architects 75th Annual Convention and Design Expo will take place at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, November 6–8, focusing on the theme of “Imagine.” Now’s your chance to be part of the biggest design discussion of the Southwest. rené garza a s s o c i at e P r i n c i Pa l 4801 Spring Valley Road Suite 113 Dallas, TX 75244 v: 972.934.3700 f: 972.934.3720 e: i: S O U N D S Y S T E M S | AU D I O V I S UA L | V I D E O & S C O R I N G D I S P L AY S | B R O A D C A S T P R O V I S I O N S & V I D E O P R O D U C T I O N | A C O U S T I C S & N O I S E C O N T R O L | T H E AT R E PLANNING | LIGHTING & RIGGING | DISTRIBUTED TV & S AT E L L I T E | VIDEO S U R V E I L L A N C E & A C C E S S C O N T R O L | T E L / D ATA S T R U C T U R E D C A B L I N G Visit to submit your proposal. The last day for submissions is Friday, February 14. 1/2 2014 Texas Architect 93

Texas Architect January/February 2014: Ecologies

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