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Paperwork Chapel Saint Francis de Sales, HauteSavoie, France Legge Lewis Legge   Legge Lewis Legge’s proposal for the Chapel Saint Francis de Sales in Haute-Savoie, France, is designed to honor the obscure saint of writing. The building takes both its inspiration and formal logic from cursive penmanship. Constructed atop a 6.5-meter circular stone base, the chapel is comprised of a set of three basic wooden computer numerical control (CNC) methods. The arc length and radius of each of the wooden units (a, b, and c) increase in scale by 1.618 up, and .618 down (a = (b+c), 2a = (a+b+c) etc.). Component-based, the structure relies on a hinging connection system and is detailed to allow incremental rotation when stacked. The chapel forms a loop of repeating shapes, gently opening 16 Texas Architect 7/8 2013 and closing as you move around it — evoking the act of writing. The intent is that the chapel appear as though its units could be arranged in innumerable iterations; however, it is not meant to be literally reconfigured. “Looking at the forms of the chapel is like watching someone write in cursive and anticipating the countless things that they could write, while knowing that, in the end, only a single transcription will be rendered,” said Murray Legge, FAIA. Lit from within, the chapel becomes a lantern in the landscape.

Texas Architect July/August 2013: Light

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