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Portfolio: Restaurants Uchiko Project Uchiko, Austin Client Tyson Cole and Daryl Kunik Architect Michael Hsu Office of Architecture Design team Michael Hsu, AIA; Jay Colombo, AIA Photographer Paul Bardagjy 5 8 4 2448 5 2448 Completed in June 2010 by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, Uchiko is a 4,954-sf sister restaurant to one of Austin’s popular restaurants, Uchi, which is operated by Chef Tyson Cole. The scope of the project included both interior and exterior renovations to an existing building in north Austin that was primarily used as medical office spaces. The architects designed the entire building shell renovation and the tenant improvements for Uchiko, along with the current office spaces on the second floor. “When we were designing the shell renovation, we were intentionally designing the exterior to reflect Uchiko as a distinct tenant instead of keeping it consistent with the other tenants.  It provided a nice balance to building massing while at the same time giving Uchiko its own identity,” says architect Jay Colombo. The design evokes the atmosphere of a simple Japanese farmhouse with an emphasis on natural materials and evidence of craftsmanship. The palette of materials includes solid bronze, hand-stained brick, rough-sawn walnut and wood siding burned using the traditional Japanese technique of shou-sugi-ban. A wall of vintage cabinets separates the bar from the dining space, and steel-framed windows enclose a private dining room at the rear. Lighting throughout the restaurant is primarily achieved with custom walnut light boxes and a branch-like fixture of glass globes that organically spreads across the ceiling. Embossed brass washers adorn acoustic areas of the ceiling, subtly forming stitch lines across the space. 7 7 5 2 FLOOR PLAN 1 ENTRY 2 BAR 3 DINING 4 WINE STORAGE 5 RESTROOM 6 SUSHI BAR 7 KITCHEN 8 STORAGE 9 OFFICE 1872 3 1872 6 8 1872 3 3 3 9 1 Contractor :Blue & Associates Consultants CONTRIBUTING DECORATOR: One.Eleven.Design; LANDSCAPE : D-Crain; MEP : AYS Engineering; STRUCTURAL : Struc- tures; LIGHTING: KL Lighting Consultants; KITCHEN: Concept Services Resources DOOR/PDR WALL AND DOOR/WOOD CEILING/BOOTHS/CEILING MOUNTED LIGHT BOXES/BRONZE BAR TOP : Vintage Material Supply; LUMBER: US Lumber Brokers; LAMINATES: Wilsonart; GLASS REINFORCED PLASTICS: Marlite; WATERPROOFING: Brink- mann Roofing Company; METAL DOORS: Hull Supply; SPECIALTY DOORS: Overhead Door Company; TILE : L’Antic Colonial, Ege METAL AWNINGS/INTERIOR METAL WORK : 220 Seramik; ACOUSTICAL CEILINGS: Tectum; WOOD FLOORING: Cata- Designs; CONCRETE ROOF/WALL TILES: Hanson Roof Tile; CON- lina Home; SPECIAL WALL SURFACES: Rimex Metals; PAINTS: Sher- CRETE RESTROOM COUNTERTOPS: Newbold Stone; DINING ROOM win Williams; SIGNAGE/YAKATORI GRILL : Ion Art; FOOD SERVICE BRICK : Kansas Brick & Tile (AMP Brick & Stone); RAILINGS/WOOD EQUIPMENT : Concept Services; WALK-IN COOLER: Bally; DESIGN TREATMENTS/CABINETRY/WALL TREATMENTS/BRONZE SLIDING SOFTWARE : AutoCad, Google Sketch-Up; ARTWORK : Sodalitas 1/2 2013 Texas Architect 55

Texas Architect - Jan/Feb 2013: Residential Design

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