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p r o j e c t  Oak Court, Dallas c l i e n t  Withheld a r c h i t e c t  Buchanan Architecture d e s i g n t e a m  Russell Buchanan, AIA; Jesus Rodriguez, Jr. c o n t r a c t o r  Sebastian & Associates c o n s u l t a n t s   Cadwaller Design (interior design); MESA (landscape architecture); Lang Lighting Design (lighting) p h o t o g r a p h e r  James F. Wilson r e s o u r c e s fountains , pools , and water displays : metal work : 82 t e x a s a r c h i t e c t Pool Environments; stone and limestone : Sigma Marble Granite and Tile; architectural Baldwin Metals; unit skylights : Kalwall; tile : Ann Sacks, Walker Zanger; terrazzo : American Terrazzo 9 / 1 0 2 0 0 8

Texas Architect Sept/Oct 2008: Design Awards

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