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r e n o v a t i o n Justice Served I n s i g h t : b y J o n a t h a n P. R o l l i n s , A I A p r o j e c t  George c l i e n t  Dallas Allen Sr. Courthouse County a r c h i t e c t  Rees Associates, Inc. d e s i g n t e a m  Robert Boyle, AIA; Jan Blackmon, FAIA; Linda Bernauer, AIA; Lance Braht, AIA; Chris Engebretson; Bari Larsen, IIDA c o n t r a c t o r   Haws and Tingle, W.G. Yates and Sons Construction Co., Inc. c o n s u l t a n t s   Heery-HLM Design (mechanical, plumbing, electri- cal); Meza Engineering, Inc. (associate mechanical); LOPEZGARCIA Group (mechanical); Jaster-Quintanilla, Dallas (civil); Charles Gojer and Associates, Inc. (structural); Rolf Jensen & Associates (code); Faithful+Gould (cost estimating); Persohn/Hahn Associates, Inc. (vertical transportation); Cedrick Frank Associates (acoustical); MESA (landscape); Dan L. Wiley & Associates, Inc. (operational programming); Omni-Group, Inc. (space planning and programming) p h o t o g r a p h e r  Craig 66 t e x a s Blackmon, FAIA a r c h i t e c t T he addition to and renovation of the George Allen Sr. courthouse consolidates all 45 of the Dallas County civil courts, formerly located in three buildings, into one central location. Providing 210,000 square feet of new space, the addition stacks its program with the highest traffic family court spaces on the bottom, served by escalators. The ground floor provides a new entrance and lobby, along with an expanded central jury room. The second floor provides family court counseling spaces, along with the Texas State Court of Appeals. Family and IV-D courts are located on the third and fourth floors. Additional courtrooms on floors five through seven are served by new high-speed elevators. Consolidation of all of the civil court functions into a single facility allows for greater convenience, more efficient operation, and better security. 3 / 4 2 0 0 8

Texas Architect March/April 2008: The Walkable City

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