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P O R T F O L I O : 2 0 0 6 T A S A / T A S B A W A R D S Gloria Cisneros Pre-Kindergarten project client Gloria Cisneros Pre-Kindergarten, Garland Garland ISD architect SHW Group contractor sized numbers, color-coded appropriately for the corridor, label each classroom door. In the library, imagination is set Hisaw & Associates ments. Classrooms are paired to encourage team teaching RLK Engineering (civil); Estes, McClure & Associates and enable shared wet activities, while four computers per (MEP); Grubbs Ramsey (landscape); SHW Group (structure); H.G. classroom introduce technology as a teaching tool. A large Rice and Company (food service) indoor playroom and adjacent covered patio take the place consultants photographer Mark Trew 8 1 free with bright colors of glass and uplifting ceiling treat- 2 1 3 5 of a gym, supporting supervised motor-skill development. The playground is wrapped on three sides by the building Gloria Cisneros Pre-Kindergarten received the Caudill for added security and easy supervision. The 5.65-acre site Award, the highest honor given in the 2006 TASA/TASB plan includes other safety features such as multiple loading Exhibit of School Architecture. Designed specifically and unloading areas and a fenced waiting area bordered with four-year-old students in mind, the 45,793-sf school by a protected walkway in the front. Ample seating and provides an environment that encourages children to feel safe access to the school’s dining and auditorium area welcome. Through the use of shape, color, and material, accommodate community-centered programs. as well as pre-K appropriate doors, windows, and furnishschoolhouse facade is achieved through materials, color, and a sloping roof. Canopy columns at the front emulate children with their arms stretched toward the sky. On the r e s o u r c e s unit masonry wall assemblies : inside, numbers, letters, and colors are used for way-find- woodwork and manufactured casework : Terrill Manufacturing; laminates : Acme Brick; architectural ing throughout the school. Corridor ceilings follow the Wilsonart; plastic fabrications : Sanymetal; vapor retarders : DuPont™ slope of the letter designated to each hallway: peaked for Tyvek® (Weatherization Partners); the “A,” coved for the “B,” and rounded for the “C.” Over- storefronts : 2 0 0 7 9 6 7 andi beierman ings, the school is playful, not intimidating. The intimate 1 / 2 4 shingles : GAF; ground Floor plan 1 CLASSROOM 2 FLEXIBLE TEACHING SPACE 3 ADMINISTRATION 4 LIBRARY 5 pLAYROOM 6 cAFETERIA 7 KITCHEN 8 PLAYGROUND 9 WAITING/PLAY AREA entrances and Vistawall; glass : PPG t e x a s a r c h i t e c t 49

Texas Architect Jan/Feb 2007: Spaces for Learning

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