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3,250 K en tu ck y Sweet Briar is set on R id ge Tr ai l Find your place. Wildflower Garden 6 Wetland 2 Carry Nature Sanctuary 7 Outing Cabin 3 Main Campus 8 Community Garden 4 Butterfly Garden 9 Old Dairy 5 Nature Center 10 Mt. San Angelo (VCCA) cky ntu Ke acres in the Blue Ridge Mountain foothills, creating a landscape for learning. 1 ail Tr dge Ri Trails Streams Private Road Fields/Open Land Rural Route 663 Forest Secondary Road 7 Pau l Ec olo g Fe rn We tla n d 5 La ke k Buc e Dairy Lan 8 Guion Fi el Mabel 3 9 Cri spe n 2 Red Do k ree W yll ie’s Way Oa k sC 4 6 Main age Cott op Oa kT ree m ia ill W dW ay Lo op y en ld Go Railroa d Lo y Pixle n Preston K ee di e le Midd Honeybee Ecology dge Land Bri ul Pa Fe r ge Kentucky Rid Trail rry te ys M Railroad Qua ry t Margaret Hunt U.S. 29 Nature Sanctuaries Sweet Briar Trail System Trails traverse open fields and young, mature and old-growth forest containing red and white oak, poplar, maple and beech trees. In season, wildflowers such as bloodroot, crested dwarf iris, wild geraniums and native azaleas can be found. The many types of wildlife spotted along the trails include white-tailed deer, turkey, kingfishers, pileated woodpeckers, fox, an occasional river otter and myriad butterflies. 1 10 – Please stay on trails – Take only photographs; leave only footprints – Everyone yields to horses; cyclist yield to hikers Campus Map and Trail Guide

Trail Guide

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