Issuu on Google+ 59 (2013) 7-8 Since 1955 Papers 425 Steven den Dunnen, Gert Kraaij, Christian Biskup, Gino M.M.J. Kerkhoffs, Gabrielle J.M. Tuijthof: Pure Waterjet Drilling of Articular Bone: An in vitro Feasibility Study 433 Ming Xu, Bo Jin, Guojin Chen, Jing Ni: Speed-Control of Energy Regulation Based Variable-Speed Electrohydraulic Drive 443 Sreten Perić, Bogdan Nedić, Dragan Trifković, Mladen Vuruna: An Experimental Study of the Tribological Characteristics of Engine and Gear Transmission Oils 451 Sedat Karabay: Modification of Conductive Material AA6101 of OPGW Conductors against Lightning Strikes 462 Sedat Yayla: Flow Characteristic of Staggered Multiple Slotted Tubes in the Passage of a Fin Tube Heat Exchanger 473 Baoping Cai, Yonghong Liu, Aibaibu Abulimiti, Renjie Ji, Yanzhen Zhang, Xin Dong, Yuming Zhou: Optimal Design Based on Dynamic Characteristics and Experimental Implementation of Submersible Electromagnetic Actuators Nenad Popovic, Goran D. Putnik, Ondrej Jasko, Jovan Filipovic: 483 A Contribution for a Pragmatics-Based Approach to Concurrent Engineering Implementation Journal of Mechanical Engineering - Strojniški vestnik Contents 7-8 year 2013 volume 59 no. Strojniški vestnik Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Journal of Mechanical Engineering 2013 7-8

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