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Philippines Emergency (Typhoon Haiyan) UNICEF Supply Response (8 November - 3 December 2013) Flights from China, India & Thailand Estimated population affected*: Flights from Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, UK, UAE & USA 14.4 6 4 million million children (2 million under-5) million people displaced Total supplies delivered (international): 524 $5.78 17 MT (* OCHA, 29 November 2013) Supply staff deployed: Manila 14 million flights Roxas Tacloban Value of donated cargo space: $550,000 Including from: British Airways, Emirates and KLM. Cebu UNICEF Supply Staff Deployment Locations Air Freight from Europe, Middle East and Asia UNICEF Response The first UNICEF supplies arrived in the Philippines within 72 hours of Typhoon Haiyan striking, supplementing pre-positioned UNICEF supplies in the country. As the scale of the disaster became evident, and a Level 3 emergency was declared, UNICEF Supply, in coordination with the Philippines Country Office, has flown more than 500 metric tonnes of emergency supplies into the country. In addition to supplies, 14 supply and logistics staff have been deployed to support the local emergency response, including receiving goods, warehousing, distribution and monitoring of goods to ensure they are reaching the affected population. Key supplies delivered: (International procurement delivered as of 3 December 2013) Water & Sanitation: RUTF 367,000 Water purification tablets: 1 tablet makes 4-5 litres of clean Nutrition: 586,500 sachets of ready-to-use-therapeutic food enough to treat water. For a family of 5, one month supply of clean drinking water is covered by 450 tablets 3,920 severely malnourished children) 1.35 million sachets of micronutrient powder for food fortification 3,000 Basic Family Water Kits enough for 30,000 families - each kit and micronutrient supplementation, one sachet per child per day contains soap, water purification tablets, buckets and jerry cans for 10 families. Health: 43 Interagency Emergency Health Kits: each kit contains essential Education: medicines, medical devices and health supplies for a population of 10,000 for 3 months. 375 School-in-a-Carton Kits: each contains school supplies and learning materials for 40 children for 3 months Shelter: 478 Recreation Kits: each kit is designed to cater for up to 90 children playing simultaneously. 189 tents for the creation of child friendly spaces, including temporary 200 Early Childhood Development Kits: each kit contains art, reading schools. and play items, water and sanitation items and caregiver supplies for 40 children aged 6 months to 6 years. OPV Visit: Vaccines: 1.2 million doses Oral Polio Vaccine

Philippines Emergency (Typhoon Haiyan) UNICEF Supply Response

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