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1/19/2012     Ability to change/reset the password online 24x7 for students, faculty and staff Improved security Better use of Helpdesk resources Password Synchronization 2     This suite will require the user to complete a few extra steps the first time he or she logs into the portal - everyone who uses the portal will have to go through the enrollment steps one time. This suite will ask for and store answers to security questions so that the user will have the ability to reset their own password — in case he or she forgets it The Reset Password app will be under Control Panel to help users who want to reset it This will reset all SCCC user passwords: for portal, ANGEL, Email, network, and wireless network – it will NOT reset the Banner (Student Information System) PIN! After a successful login to the portal users will be redirected to a staged workflow page where: ◦ Users will be presented with the College’s acceptable use policies (mandatory) ◦ Users will enter answers (mandatory) ◦ Users can change their password (not mandatory) ◦ Users will launch MySCCC Portal to complete the process (mandatory) 3 4 1

MySCCC Password Management Suite

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