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Memo To: SCCC Students From: Martha Asselin, Vice President of Student Affairs Date: 9/2/2011 Re: Center City Update Center City Classes, Fall 2011 Semester Over 50 classes will be held as scheduled at our new Center City location starting on September 8, 2011. Please keep in mind: If traveling to or from the SCCC main campus, allow yourself at least 15 minutes to get from or to your classes in Center City. The Center City location is on the second floor of 433 State Street. The easiest way to enter is to take the elevators from the State Street side of the building (across from the CVS) and push button “2R.” Parking will be free for students with current 2011-12 hang tags at the following locations: At the Metroplex Parking Garage (behind Villa Italia), where students, faculty, and staff must pull a parking stub to enter the Garage. At the Broadway/Liberty Lot (Broadway and Liberty across from Pinhead Susan’s and 20 N. Broadway Tavern), where students, faculty, and staff will be given a parking stub by an attendant. Please see the parking map on page 2 for these locations. Bring your parking stub with you to class. Upon leaving our Center City offices, be sure to have it validated by our machines by each exit. If you do not get your parking stub validated, you will be charged for parking. Signage will be posted welcoming SCCC students at both locations. (Also note, parking is free for all commuters in other lots around Center City after 5 p.m. and on weekends.) 1


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