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25–28 July 2012 university of utah olpin student union 200 s. central campus dr, salt lake city, 84112 801.581.5888 THIS SYMPOSIUM is dedicated to the idea that the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ are better understood and, as a result, better lived when they are freely and frankly explored within the community of Saints. Mormons and Mormonism as a Political Force WE RECOGNIZE that the search for things that are, have been, and are to be is a sifting process in which much chaff will have to be carefully inspected and threshed before the wheat can be harvested. WE WELCOME the honest ponderings of Latter-day Saints and their friends and expect that everyone in attendance will approach every issue, no matter how difficult, with intelligence, respect, and good will.

2012 Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium Final Program

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