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Go Back to PRO PROVENDOR The Professional Vendor Association Join at: Western El Comerciante Del Oeste June/Junio 2013 Vol. 25 No. 10 MERCHANDISER ONLINE WHOLESALERS Call: 908-352-5400 Page 11 Page 10 , Ê/ , -ÊUÊ, Ê , Ê,  , RATES as low as 0.05% 888-707-2836 Process Credit Cards With Cell Phones! See Our Ad On Page 20 Sponsored By COUNTRY CLUB SHEETS Directory & Report Accept Credit Cards NOW! 2013 1988 7:HIFJ6A>IN™7:HIEG>8:™7:HIH:GK>8: COUNTRY CLUB PRODUCTS BED SHEETS 908-352-5400 See our ad on pgs 24 & 25 USA MADE SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 16 Looking To Increase Your Sales? See our ad on page 48 bed sheets Ropa laneos Misce Juguetes 845.738.4832 Lotes de electronica AS SEEN ON TV Calentoness Tel: 213-747-5703, 213-926-4280 1-800-996-1601 See our ad on page 35 OVER 1,50O ITEMS AVAILABLE! 1-866-251-6878 330-479-9950 See Our Ad On Page 23 ™ Over 793,000 793,000 Products Products Online Online VISIT VISIT TODAY! TODAY! Over S SPEryCMIoAnLday Eve ations All 3 Loc The Woods© Collection NEW BED SHEET FIRST SHOWCASED AT MARCH 2013 LAS VEGAS ASD SHOW 260-665-1100 ® NOBODY BEATS OUR QUALITY, NOBODY! ON PAGES 40 & 41 Merchandiser Group Online .com The industry resource for markets and vendors

Western Merchandiser 06-13

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