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Move of the Month Yoga Pose: Sponsored by: Standing Bow Standing Bow is a deep back bend opening the deep front line of the body. In standing bow 40% of the pose is hamstring flexibility, 40% of the pose is your ability to back bend, and the last 20% is the release of the shoulder and the hips. To start stand tall in Mountain Pose, with your arms by your sides. Inhale and sweep the arms overhead with the left palm facing forward. Windmill your right arm back. It’s important that your right inner elbow faces outward. As you bend your right knee catch the instep (arch) side of your right foot. If you find this grip challenging catch the outside of the foot. Bring the knees together and ground down strong through the standing foot. Inhale to stand tall. Keep the knees close together and as you exhale kick your right foot back, separating your calf from hamstring, balance the kick by reaching forward with the left arm. As you kick back and up, you will begin to feel the back bend. As you begin to feel more open work your belly parallel to the ground. If you’d like to deepen this pose, begin to kick a little higher eventually seeing the foot grow out of the top of the head. Left fingertips stay at forehead level and keep chin level to the ground and head centered. Keep a steady fluid breath hold for a few seconds and slowly release to the other side. Tips-Remember to have patience with your body, keep your eye gaze set to one point without letting your head drop which will also help with balance. Keep your breath steady and even as you practice! Most importantly explore and have fun!

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