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Move of the Month With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we thought we’d welcome turkey day with a bird pose. The Eagle pose is a standing balance pose that requires focus, strength, and an overall calmness. It is important to use your breath and gaze while in this posture. It will enable you to quiet your mind and eliminate any distractions, allowing for a more stable pose. There are numerous variations of the eagle pose. The below explanation is how Hot House Yoga executes the posture. Yoga Pose: Eagle Sponsored by: Please visit for information about class schedules or call (804) 622-0099 to speak with us about beginning a yoga practice. To start make sure to stand in Mountain Pose, with your arms by your sides. Take a deep breath in extending your arms straight above your head. On the exhalation swing your right arm under your left arm hooking at the elbows. As a modification, you can swing your right under your left arm and grab opposite shoulders. Next, bring your palms together at forehead level with your thumbs toward your face. Begin to bend your knees deeply, and balancing on your left foot, raise the right leg up crossing over the left, making sure to squeeze the thighs. If possible, wrap the right foot around the left calf. If having trouble balancing touch your right toes to the floor and maintain a steady gaze. Keep a bend in the left knee and straighten the spine. Squeeze your elbows into your chest and your chest into your elbows. Squeeze your elbows and squeeze your thighs pulling all of your energy towards your center. Draw your belly in and up, and gaze at the tips of your thumbs. Level your hips and shoulders and continue to breathe evenly. Hold the eagle pose for up to one minute, focusing on your breath and keeping your gaze fixed. To challenge yourself bend the knee even deeper, maintaining a straight spine. Gently unwind your arms and legs and return to Mountain Pose. You will repeat on the opposite side. The Eagle pose is a great way to open your shoulders and back while strengthening your legs. Make sure to hold the pose while focusing on your breath and gaze in order to increase and overall serenity. Work on getting the proper alignment, then work to hold the pose for extended periods.

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