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Stockholm Precision Tools - Downhole GyroSurveying Systems and Borehole Survey Instruments Stockholm Precision Tools is a leading manufacturer of downhole gyro-surveying systems, borehole survey instruments, and directional surveying and navigation products. SPT products are ideal for the tough conditions and demanding requirements of the offshore/onshore oil and gas industry. Industry professionals around the world rely on our rugged, reliable and accurate downhole measurement and navigation tools to provide outstanding performance time after time. SPT's product range includes the GyroTracer™ North-Seeking Gyro, the GyroTracer Directional™ Continuous North-Seeking Gyro and the GyroLogic™ Fiber-Optic Gyro. All these instruments can be calibrated by the operator with the SPT Universal Calibration Stand. High-speed continuous gyro The newest product in SPT's GyroTracer range is the GyroTracer Directional North-Seeking, High-Speed Continuous Gyro. This versatile tool can survey a wellbore at speeds up to 150m/min while simultaneously sending data to surface equipment. The GyroTracer Directional is well suited to offshore applications as it can accurately survey all well profiles, from vertical to horizontal. It is a highly reliable instrument, able to handle continuous surveying at high latitudes or inclinations with no loss of accuracy, and it does not require any surface alignment or calibration prior to use, making it one of the most efficient and flexible gyro instruments available. Fiber-optic gyro SPT's new GyroLogic Downhole Directional Survey Tool uses a fiber-optic-based gyro to find direction. This rugged, easy-to-use instrument can be employed in a variety of offshore applications, including shallow / deep borehole surveying, single shot / multi shot and continuous mode. The GyroLogic fiber-optic giro can accurately survey all well profiles at all inclination angles, and can provide directional data (azimuth and dip) at any interval from inside all types of drill rods. North-seeking gyro

Stockholm Precision Tools - Downhole Gyro- Surveying Systems and Borehole Survey Instruments

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